My Faith in Broccoli

(and Collard Greens) In 2015, I left my community center and urban farm for 3 weeks to walk the Camino Portuguese, a 150-mile trek up the rocky coast of Portugal and through the Spanish countryside. The farmers I met didn’t...

Renee Tarantowski Baude

Author Spotlight: Renee Tarantowski

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Renee Tarantowski is an American-born author, essayist, and researcher. She lives a simple, sacred, soulful life writing from the heart on current topics: mindfulness, parenting, relationships, creativity, menopause, and womanhood.
"I spill my life onto the page and try to make sense of it all. Some days are easy, some days are hard, no matter which I live fully and wholeheartedly. I welcome curious discussions grounded in compassion. We are all walking each other home . . . taking turns leading one another."
Renee is currently a contributor to Medium, Thrive Global, a food blogger, a frequent guest blogger, among writing for several other publications. Her essays are risky, shameless, honest, curious, mindful and compassionate.
Do you want to be the most joyful person you know?

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