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A Dogged Pursuit of the Truth

A poetic thought piece. I almost lost my mind today but found it along with the point. An old dog lays on a pillow twice his size. His head entombed in a cone facing sunlight, as the day dwindles to an end. I obsess on...

Patty Scott

Author Spotlight: Patty Scott

You interacted most with Patty Scott's pieces last week. All of her work is here.

Patty Scott is author of Parenting Your Teen Through Chaos & Crisis, which can be purchased in the shop. She started dreaming of being a writer before she could even set words on paper.  One day she announced to her mom that when she grew up she was going to “help people who were hurting, speak to groups and write books.”  Amazingly, all these precocious ambitions have been a part of Patty’s journey. 

Patty was born in Los Angeles to parents who were college professors.  She spent summers traveling the United States in their Toyota station wagon, camping in numerous state parks and singing songs while watching the scenery roll by.  Her family relocated to the Midwest after a year in Chile, but Patty returned to California for graduate school in her 20s where she met her husband, a surfer and skateboarder who had never lived East of Pacific Coast Highway.  Patty and her husband have two boys and their home is often filled with neighborhood kids.  When Patty isn’t busy mothering or writing, she can often be found reading, gardening, dancing Zumba or planning her next road trip with friends. 

Patty mainly writes to encourage moms to love intentionally while making room for what matters most. Patty’s current project is a book about time management for mothers which should be available sometime in May 2018. 

Her weekly blogposts can be read at Hearts Homeward

My Music. Your World.

Do you remember the time you still had a my music folder on your computer with all your best tracks burgled, borrowed or stolen? In this week’s article share with you some images of my time as a Durban Povo… Durban Povo : “Cool...

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Where I Find Safety

It’s no secret our world can be a dangerous place. We want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety but I found something we can do. There’s a place we can go to find safety. I learned this...

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