Feeling confused, lost, painful, hopeless and miserable…So do I

Are you now in a dark room without any glimpse of the light or any ray of hope?… You are not alone, welcome to the club of life my friend.

 There will always be times when each of us will be without directions for our survival. Our journey to life will always be full of uncertainties; there will be breakups, your heart will still sing for the lost one, there will be sickness and grief to envelop your life now and forever.

 This persistent cycle will repeat until the end of this world but should we be directionless? It would help if you always asked this question frequently to find the right direction in life.

The horse and the rider were galloping down the road into a small village, then a curious bystander stopped the horse and asked the rider”Where to My friend”?

ASK THE HORSE …came the reply.

The horse is our life, and the rider is us. The horse keeps pulling us along, sometimes to the right, sometimes left, at times may be straight, but we may never know the reasons why the horse pulls us. Its time we stopped the horse and questioned, “Where To?”,else the horse will carry on and on, and we will be lost to the land of NO RETURN.

Looking for the right direction in life is a journey, without a predefined path the horse will take us through FEAR, PAIN, ANXIETY and even SLOW DEATH. 
Its time we took the reins of the horse and took riding lessons.

Right direction in Life: Lesson#1: The cup of Suffering is always Full

There will always be turbulent times in our life. Many hearts will be beyond repair during the journey of life; there will be divorces, loss of the loved one, many would have lost their job or thrown out of their careers. We could also be the lost ship in the ocean of betrayal or pulled to the abyss of sickness and griefs.
In those, times our mind may long for the Ecstasy of alcohol and drugs to forget our life. It feels good to tell others I am broke. It can be soothing to say to others my fate is terrible. Our excuses can seem valid to us, some may even share our sympathies but during those broken moments ask “What AM I DOING?.”

The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone. For you it may be more prominent, for others it may be smaller, but we all have to drink from the cup. To deny drinking from the cup of suffering is to deny Life and its directions. Its time you woke up and learned to ride your horse. We still have to complete the journey of life but WAKE UP from your sleep. Its time to face reality.

Right direction in Life: Lesson#2: Your interior monologue may not be Right

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

We humans always think we are the brightest species in the universe!whatever we do still feel right and correct. The jobs that we desired, the Life that we live, look worthy from the outside, but somewhere deep within, there will be the faintest cries from our heart that will become very loud during our final battle with fate. 

Many die with Music still within. Now is the Time you questioned your interior monologue. Learn to hear the beat of your horse. The rider and the horse should be united. The two rhythms must resonate as one.

Right direction in Life: Lesson#3: Solitude not Seclusion

Every day spend some time in solitude. Act not Busy, for in silence your heart will speak the loudest”Follow its rhythm soon you will be in the right direction.”We are in the midst of great noises, Noise from Social Media, noise from our Environment, Noise from our Jobs, Noises from our family. We are right in the middle of a great war, and we are directionless. Get out of the noise spend some time alone Be, “You and You only.

Listen, you will find your direction. Sometimes your gut speaks or at times your heart calls.

Right direction In Life: Lesson#4: Open your ears to the calling

Photo by Alireza Attari on Unsplash

Without waiting for the destined, and driven by the desire of money we land up into the quickest jobs. Our societal cultures and our fake Triumphs calls for an immediate job after graduation.

 What if the situation was not your calling. Maybe every Monday sucked, and we remain the victims of the endless War between our work and our comfy beds.
Writers become Engineers; Accountants become Sales Persons. Salespersons become Politicians. Its what we learned. We are domesticated to embrace pleasure and not the purpose. Sometimes the right direction comes in the form of Pain. Maybe the pain is your calling. Look at the emptiness of your life its time we chose, now or never will be your choice.

Right direction in Life:Lesson#5: Distractions and fools come well dressed and convincing

Bing came the mail; Bang came the Facebook, TWEET came the twitter, WHAT ARE YOU? came the family, Still Not Yet? cried the work. We are distracted continuously to a great extent in our daily lives. To not respond is equivalent to sin. 
We are robbed every day not of our riches, but of our time and values. Learn to watch out for the fools who drive you from the path of life. Avoid distractions to find your direction. Is the convincing worth it?.

 Its time we started to think.

Right direction in Life:Lesson#6: Look at Life through the Telescope, not with the Microscope

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Sometimes we look at the micro aspects of our life. We look at the small picture and take this to be the right direction we are now.

Look through the telescope you will find the universe and Planets. Our existence in this earth warrants a purpose. Create a vision to see your direction. Listen.Observe.Create or Re-create.

Right direction in Life:Lesson#7: Chance that Sparks

At times simple chances or sheer luck may bring the spark or the lost fire in us. Not all failed possibilities is a failure. Life can only lend us the hands. Its time we grabbed the hand and moved forward.
It may be sheer luck, but it can be the desired direction to our life. Don’t let that fire die in you.
 Look out for the chances for they are few in number and lost sooner.

Right direction in Life:Lesson#8: Start Reacting not just responding

Our compulsive obsession with laziness and love for instant gratification has clouded our minds and blinded our faith in pursuing dreams of higher ordeals.

 We seem to forget the joy and happiness that involved in ignoring ourselves when we took a difficult project during our childhood days.

We need to react like a child with curiosity in the eyes and to Give our full heart and soul to the activity at hand. Acting with an internal comprehensiveness and embracing the joy in our work can help us find the direction in our life.

Maybe looking back at the things we loved as a child can open the path to the right direction in our life. Its time we brought back our childhood.

Right direction in life:Lesson#9: Self-doubt leads to inaction

Photo by Rudi Strydom on Unsplash

It is easier to have doubts on us when we look only for the winning stories. We are programmed to look at the SUCCESS and to avoid the FAILURES. 
There are many stories of success to hear but only a few about the failure. Remove your self-doubts by listening to the songs of the fallen. Ward off your doubts, they constrict your life.

When you are weak, fight harder and stronger. Self-doubt is a myth. Learn to act when in pain. Even the gods oblige when you strike life without doubts.

Right direction in life: Lesson#10: F**K Society Standards

Photo by Ahmed zayan on Unsplash

It would be best if you always asked the question. Are you Working to Live? or Living to Work? Societal standards deem us to be a follower when we are destined to be leaders. Sometimes swimming against the tide is not a bad option. 
Society demands herd mentality and groupthink strategy, but the real direction to life would be in the opposite direction.

You are the captain of your destiny, determine your course and journey to life. Forget the naysayers, speak your mind and pursue your mission. Doing things that make you happy is the real journey to finding direction in life.

Thanks to Nicole Akers.

You only have one life so live well.
You only have one life so live well.

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