I am drawn to the words of the Psalms because

  1. There I can find out how to be happy. Psalm 1
  2. God is Sovereign. He is in control. Psalm 2
  3. God is my Protector . Psalm 3
  4. Knowing God gives me joy. Psalm 4
  5. God hears me when I pray. Psalm 5
  6. God is full of mercy. Psalm 6
  7. God knows me and the circumstances I am facing i my life. Psalm 7
  8. God is the Creator of all things. Psalm 8
  9. God is worthy of praise. To Him belong glory and judgement. Psalm 9
  10. God is not at my beck and call. he is not some ” genie in a bottle.” His timing is often not my timing. Psalm 10
  11. God is my confidence. I can trust in him. Psalm 11
  12. I turn to God for justice and judgement. Psalm 12
  13. How long? It’s the cry of your children throughout the world. Psalm 13

Why don’t you read, and meditate, on the first thirteen Psalms, and see how the Lord of heaven and earth speaks to your own heart?

I have been getting such encouragement from this worship book of the Israelite’s during the recent past in my daily walk. It’s been too extravagant an affair to keep it to myself, so i have been sharing my insights with a group of friends, one psalm per week.

I liken it to having a spa. A spa is so refreshing to aching limbs and tired body. Yes, there will be some benefit to spending 10–15 minutes there- but oh the pleasure of it when we can linger….

Perhaps even grab a refreshing drink- and the whole experience is simply better in the company of like-minded friends.

I encourage you to take this same refreshment for your soul.

It’s great by yourself. It’s better with a friend.

It’s complete when you have the Lord Himself giving you the strength for the burdens that are pressing.

Find your spirit renewed as you contemplate the psalms with me.

Call To Action:

Let me know by recording in the comments-I’m in- if you would like me to share my personal meditations with you on these first thirteen Psalms.



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