Summer is upon us. Schools are out and the weather’s heating up. Busyness or boredom will soon strike many households, creating a different mindset for parents.

Summer is a perfect time to discover new things and create memories.

Here are a few ideas to help slay summer boredom:

  • Grill out and invite your neighbors.
Photo by Declan Rex on Unsplash
  • Teach your kids basic cooking skills. As junior chefs, have them plan a meal or two.
  • Try a new recipe using an ingredient you’ve never used.
  • Have a craft time with your kids. How about squirt gun painting or making a flag with wooden sticks? Check out pinterest for summer ideas.
  • Memorize a Bible passage yourself or with your family. Use it as a springboard for discussion.
  • Read a different type of book. I usually read non-fiction, but so far I read some great fiction. If you’re looking for devotional books, try The Grace Impact or Abba’s Promise.
  • Engage in a summer Bible study.
  • Visit a museum. Many towns have community museums that teach local history.
  • Identify and keep track of the types of birds in your backyard. We recently spotted a red bellied woodpecker.
Photo by Satyawan Narinedhat on Unsplash
  • Go hiking or bike riding. Pack a picnic to take along.
  • Watch fireflies rising in the night. Remember the simple joys of childhood by seeing the tiny lights float up from the grass at dusk.
  • Reconnect with a long ago friend.
  • Stroll in a botanical garden, observing its beauty.
  • Discover something new about your town. I learned that my town hosts “The Little Craft Show” in the downtown area. It was fun to hear live music and see different booths of indie crafters’ handmade jewelry, fabric, and wooden crafts.
  • Learn something new about a place you are visiting.
  • Go to a Farmer’s Market and pick up some fresh veggies or lovely flowers.
Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash
  • Be a positive influence on young lives. Help with a youth program, like Vacation Bible School. Catch the enthusiasm of kiddos as you spend time with children you don’t usually see.
  • Look up facts about the summer holidays — Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the 4thof July.
  • When driving to a destination, take a state highway instead of the Interstate to see the uniqueness of small towns. Stop and read the roadside markers.
  • Attend a free summer concert in your area.
Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash
  • Make summer treats like smoothies, s’mores or popsicles.
  • Learn or improve on an instrument without the stress of recitals. As a piano teacher, I’m looking forward to teaching my students fun things about music.
  • Laugh with your family with fun in the summer. Have a silly string fight.
  • Take a painting class with a friend.
  • Look for a rainbow after a rain shower.
  • Set a fitness goal, such as walking 5 days a week. Or try a different type of exercise class.
  • Allow yourself time to rest. Listen to the cardinal’s song or enjoy the hummingbirds’ chatter. Sit in the sun for a few minutes.
  • Thank God for the blessings of your life.

It’s easy to let the days of summer slip away. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Why not create a list of “things I want to do before school starts?”

Be creative and enjoy the longer days of summer.

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