What is a REBOOT?

One might ask simply, what is a REBOOT?  That’s a great question since this article will be sitting on a health and wellness page amongst intrigued readers.  By definition, REBOOT is defined as:  to refresh something by making a new start or creating a new version. Again, what does this have to do with health and wellness?

The most obvious use of reboot is with our electronic devices.  When the iPhone acts up we simply hit the top button and watch the screen go dark.  Push the button again, the Apple logo appears and the iPhone reboots and miraculously works perfectly again.

Again, the same with the larger electronic tools we use every day.  We take them down and bring them back up.  You’ve been at that stage of frustration trying to finish and the system goes into “stuck” mode.  Hopefully, you get to save the work prior to taking it down and then back up.

REBOOT in Health and Wellness

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an organized human REBOOT recently. Coach Rob DeBoer organized over 10,000 interested and eager people to do a metabolic REBOOT in January.  Most all of us had never thought of rebooting their metabolism, let alone have a clue how to do this. By now you might be thinking where is this possibly going? 10,000 eager people, to do what?

Think of the human race in generalities.  They will reboot their electronics, change the oil in their vehicles and may never change their own oil.  All the previously mentioned items can be replaced for a couple of hundred dollars.  How can you replace your health with money? Once your health is gone, it’s a real challenge to retrieve.

Here’s REBOOT!

For 60 hours the 10,000+ of us took on a challenge of not taking in any solid food, sugar or additional caffeine. There was a REBOOT regiment for all 5 of the 12-hour segments. You may still be saying what and why!

We were provided a variety of items that were fortified with exogenous ketones. If you are unaware of exogenous ketones, they are an alternate fuel for the cells to use to fulfill their human requirements.

The restriction of solid food started prior to 8:00 pm on the first evening and we drank some no caffeine ketone enriched tea and consumed a supplement of AC11. What is AC11? This sacred plant, better known as Cat’s Claw or Uña de Gato, is revered primarily as an immune system modulator and is used to treat a range of conditions. The beneficial effects of AC-11 are in large part due to the ease of absorption and modulatory actions of the patented, water-soluble Carboxy Alkyl Esters.

The following day, a weekday started with an exogenous ketone drink with a light amount of caffeine.  At 10:00 am, we all consumed some more AC11.  Noon was a real treat for sure. We had a cup of seasoned bone broth enriched with a light amount of protein, exogenous ketones and other DNA benefiting ingredients.  3:00 pm was an opportunity to consume more exogenous ketones without caffeine. Dinner was a delicacy for sure, another serving of seasoned bone broth.  And, the evening was not complete without another tea enriched with exogenous ketones along with AC11.

This nutritional regimen was again repeated the following day. I remind you this was done during two-weekday workdays. As you can calculate, the last stretch was completed mostly while asleep.  The REBOOT completed at 8:00 am on the third day.

What Kind of Results From a REBOOT?

First, most of us went into this with a wide variety of expectations and anticipated outcomes.  Many of us had already experienced the benefits of consuming exogenous ketones.

I did set an expectation and a goal for my REBOOT outcome.  My goal was to have a mental clarity that you might consider “laser on”. One might think that a person not consuming food would be lethargic, washed out and struggling to finish.

Confession time, I did experience some mental urges to simply open up the refrigerator and pull out the cheese and CHEAT.  But, I knew that action was cheating myself, not the other 9,999 people.

Honestly, I never had a hunger pain.  I never looked for food.  My work ethic continued to mount throughout the period to a very high level.  The third and final morning, I was required to run a 90-minute professional meeting followed by another 30-minute meeting with Healthcare Management. There was only one person in the room between the 2 meetings that knew of my current status.  That was because he too was participating in the REBOOT.  I truly was spot on and more.

But, the benefits only started that day. As the day and final half of the week continued, my body started to perform differently.  Different you might ask? All my major joints had a different freedom than in the past.  I’m a fit 57-year old male that does not have joint problems, arthritis or chronic pains. But, I still sensed a more fluid movement through my entire body. The “laser on” did not discontinue at all. My mental clarity and acuity continued to increase. As an unintended perk, my use of caffeine dropped quite a bit on a daily basis and has continued without a drop off in fuel.

Today, I now know what a Human Reboot is all about. I shared this experience with people of less and more fitness than myself.  They too experienced positive results similar to mine. I really look forward to doing a REBOOT on a regular basis.  I never felt that I was endangering my health, as I continued to feel better all the time.  There was a Naturopathic Doctor on our coaching team, too.  I did struggle mentally in the mid-evenings around “dinner time”.  Next time, I will schedule activity of some caliber during those challenging times.


Why would you do this just once and why would you do this again?  The human metabolism collects all kinds of debris over time.  Some people call it the aging process. My goal would be to not allow these conditions to remount. Dr. Ken Ford specializes in Human Cognition and extending the vitality of the human being.  We do not have to accept that we will have a “Senior Moment”, slow down of our metabolism or other premature metabolic deteriorations.

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