The New Writer’s Marketing Manifesto

According to Mediakix, there are more than 440 million blogs in the world as I write this.

Worldometers has a running meter of blog posts per day. At just 9:30 am EST, this is what I saw:

And the number increases like a spinning wheel fueled by a turbo engine. says there are over 30 million bloggers as of 2018 — in just the United States.

That’s an astronomical amount of information offered by a growing crowd over three times larger than the population of New York City.

So Why Bother Blogging?

You might be thinking, “Wow. How can I stand out when the crowd is so huge? Nobody will see me, notice my work, or care that I’m alive.”

I feel your pain.

Competing in a blogosphere populated by tens of millions of people is pretty intimidating. Unless you can stand out, you might as well publish your work on a wall in your basement.

There are worse odds, though.

Take the Powerball Lottery here in the U.S. There are 175,223,510 possible combinations to choose from. Which one will win? What are your odds of picking the right one from so many?

It’s less than the chance you’ll be struck by lighting twice in your lifetime. You’ve got a one in 9 million chance of that.

Photo by Lee Junda via Unsplash

Depressed yet?

Now let’s turn the odds in your favor.

After you read this, you’ll be armed with three simple techniques that will move your blog from ordinary to downright awesome.

You’ll write with confidence, knowing your message has its best chance to reach the people you are called to serve.

Doors that once were closed will open wide for you — and you’ll be seen as an authority, an influencer who brings meaningful change to everyone she touches with her message!

Photo by Austin Chan via Unsplash

Now let’s blast you out of obscurity, all right?

The 3 D’s of Incredibly Powerful Writer Marketing

You can’t just do what all the other bloggers are doing and expect to stand out.

You can’t even copy the greats and gain an edge.

You’ve got to be willing to think like an entrepreneur — take a risk, go somewhere you’ve never gone before, and do something important.

Are you ready to throw away everything that is holding you back? Much of it is fear:

  • That you’re not good enough
  • That people will think you’re a fraud
  • That your work won’t be absolutely perfect

Let’s dispel those fears right now.

Fear you’re not good enough. Do you have a message that can change people’s lives? Then you’re good enough.

People will think you’re a fraud. If your information helps them, they won’t care if you don’t have a wall filled with degrees and awards.

Your work won’t be perfect. Nobody’s work is ever perfect. Make it good enough and get it out there.

Now let’s dive in.

#1 Be Disruptive.

Photo by Cody Davis via Unsplash

When I was young, I was painfully shy.

Day after day, year after year, no one noticed me. And why would they? I spent all my time trying to blend into the flat white wall paint.

Then there was the class trip off campus.

I was in a potentially uncomfortable place. It was like there were no rules I had to conform to. So I took advantage of the situation and started making my bus mates laugh.

It was awesome — and unforgettable.

First, my classmates were shocked because I’d never interacted with them before. Now I suddenly became a stand-up comedian. Discomfort? I threw it out the window. I had a golden opportunity to surprise, delight, and win people’s hearts — and I played it to the hilt.

Don’t be shy. Do something unexpected. Interrupt people with something so awesome they’ll talk about it for weeks, months, and even years!

Handwritten notes are remarkable in this digital age.

Phone calls and video conferencing are better than text messages and emails.

Do an unexpected, generous favor for someone and you’ll have more impact than money can buy.

Interrupt people with value, and they’ll never see it as an intrusion.

#2 Be Dynamic.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic via Unsplash

Our world is constantly changing.

People resist changing what works. Take the newspaper business. Who would have thought in the 1990s that the Internet would grow as big as it has?

Shopping malls were busy 25 years ago. Last Christmas season, my daughter and I shopped in one that felt like a virtual ghost town.

Vinyl records were the prime way to buy music three decades ago. Now you can buy CDs for next to nothing at any pawn shop.

I’m currently hosting and producing a YouTube interview show called The Thriving Writers Show. One of my guests remarked, “You’re doing something remarkable here. I don’t know of anyone else who is doing this.”

That may be true.

I feel it’s innovative because:

  • My audience gets to see, hear, and experience my guest as much as I do.
  • They can interact with him or her by making comments and exploring what they have to offer.
  • They get valuable information they can apply right away to change their futures.

Be willing to explore new frontiers. Do something that isn’t tested and proven.You might be pleasantly surprised at what happens!

And you’ll stand out while doing it.

#3 Be Dramatic.

Photo by Ryan Cryar via Unsplash

Dale Carnegie taught that if you want to win people to your way of thinking, you need to

Dramatize your ideas.

You don’t have to set yourself on fire to get noticed. You do have to start an inner fire that can’t be quenched. Kindle that, and you’ll do something dramatic — that can’t be ignored.

I write weekly emails for a client. One of my most recent was in a series called Monday Motivation. I shared a story about a boy who was quiet in public, but was an incessant talker at home.

It’s not that he couldn’t talk. Clearly, he had the ability. One day my wife walked in on his chatter when he was alone in the church nursery with his dad.

When he noticed he was being watched, he immediately clammed up.

“He always talks like this at home,” his dad offered with a shrug.

When I was young, I was the same way. I’d been publicly humiliated by a teacher on the first day at a new school. I was so shocked by the experience, I protected myself by hushing my voice.

At home, I was free.

Fear locked the door in public.

Truth came later and knocked the door off its hinges.

Photo by Philipp Berndt via Unsplash

I ended the email with two questions:

  • What lie do you believe about yourself?
  • What are you willing to do to prove whether it’s true or false?

One manager was so impressed she emailed her team, the students she worked with, and even put it on the agenda for her next team meeting.

Be dramatic. Do something that catches people off guard and makes a strong point. A simple story can go miles further than a point blank statement can any day.

Photo by Clark Tibbs via Unsplash

Do Something Great Now

You now know 3 simple and powerful ways to make your blog stand out in a super-crowded blogosphere.

You can share your message with confidence, knowing that you’ve packaged it in an attractive, magnetic and powerful way.

You’ll build traction because you can use these strategies every time you write, publish, and communicate.

Now go dominate your space with a power-packed message that touches hearts, changes lives, and opens doors!

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