Sometimes, life seems so stagnant.

You find yourself in this mundane routine. Everything you do is just to get by, just so you can say “I did it” and move on.

Without clarity, this situation will stay unchanged.

But if you’re reading this article, then you have a burning desire to change.

Even as much as a 1% change will mean a lot in the long run.

Don’t make the assumption I’ll give you the answer to building your life’s vision. I will only guide you in the direction you must go.

The answers are already within you, but you haven’t gone on the right path to find them.

Let’s see where this new path will take you!

A little backstory

One day, when I had hit rock bottom really hard, I decided to listen to Jim Kwik’s podcast.

In one of his episodes, he had a special guest whose name is Vishen Lakhiani.

If you by any chances, made the assumption he’s Indian because of his name, well, you guessed it right.

He lived in India and was raised in a stereotypical Indian family. Following his parent’s wishes, he got to the USA and became a software engineer.

He strongly believed this was his life’s purpose. He even had the chance to meet Bill Gates.

Altogether, it does seem nice. But for him, it was a great disappointment. He had to get so far only to realize it wasn’t worth the time and energy he invested, plus the money his parents spent on college was wasted.

He made himself get fired because he was too coward to quit the job himself.

And here he was, with no money and no vision for life watching a Jim Carrey interview.

This was the beginning of a new turning point in his life.

In this interview, Jim Carrey explained how he got successful. When he was poor, before starting his acting career, he wrote a check to himself worth 20 million $.

Long story short, the first 4 movies in which he acted were all ranked number 1 in the USA, with the last one paying him $20 million.

Vishen also decided to write a check to himself. He wrote a check of 1$ billion value to the people.

Yes, his vision was to offer value to the people worth 1$ billion by 2029.

How does this tie in? To build a life’s vision you need to section it in 3 steps.

What I want you to do right now is to take a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns.

The first column is called Experiences, the second one is Growth and the last one is Contribute.

Let’s see what each one represents.


Experiences are the activities you want to do. Don’t confuse what you need to do with what you want to do.

In my case, one of my experiences is to travel to South Korea and Japan.

They are your biggest passions, something you want to do wholeheartedly.

Another example might be building a business.

It is indeed an end-goal, but it’s also an experience because you live it and you want it.

Once you write down all your experiences, which represent a part of your lifestyle, we can move on to Growth.


Okay, let’s return to our example of building a business.

I have the end-goal but how do I get there?

You definitely must learn skills such as marketing and sales in order to build it. You need a product/service idea and so on.

Basically, you have to branch off the experience and write all the tasks you must do to get to live that experience.

Be as realistic as you can.

Because we tend to get too optimistic when writing our goals and we forget to take into consideration the fact that the future is unpredictable and an infinity of factors can alter it, sometimes not to our liking.


The last part is Contribute, which is the most beautiful one.

This part is about the value you give back to the world.

You don’t have to help the entire world, it can be something as little as paying a visit to your grandparents.

You’re offering your time and attention to someone you care and that’s valuable.

Maybe you want to build a non-profit to help people from third world countries.

The reason this is the most powerful out of the 3 steps is that it’s not about you.

It’s about others, it’s about something bigger than yourself.

You can use this step to help you in your hardest days.

Think about the people who need you, who need your help.

You have to hold yourself accountable because it’s greater than you, but it will also bring joy to you knowing you’ve helped others.


Building your life’s vision can feel like a hard task, but it is simple when you can divide it into 3 main categories.

Doing so, you separate what you want from life from what you need to do and finally, how you can give back to the world.

It’s imperative that you actually take action and write your life’s vision if you want to have a clear direction in life.

Another reason this 3 step technique is so useful is when you’re feeling low.

I had days when I felt like quitting, but it’s in moments like those when I remember that if I don’t take action, I won’t be able to help others nor will I be able to help myself build the life I envisioned.

Always keep the 3 steps with you, read it daily and most importantly, never forget for what reason you wake up every day.

Think. Do
Think. Do
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