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You are a writer and you want your work to be noticed. It’s hard to do when you’re just starting out.

You work hard to craft the best piece possible and hear crickets in return. It’s disheartening and many writers quit just before they are about to succeed. Publish with pubs to gain extra eyes. I like to think of it as guest posting. It’s an introduction you don’t otherwise have, so make it a fun experience and bring your best work.

Publications have extra eyes

Keep the aspirations to publish with the big guys. Before you know it, you’ll likely be publishing with The Mission, The Ascent, Thrive GlobalThe Writing Cooperative, and others. Dream big and watch your stats grow.

When you are just getting started you want attention and extra eyes bring attention. And, they bring other things too. They bring friends.


Networking is an essential component for any writer. You need friends to encourage you and keep you going when you feel like quitting. Sometimes only a trusted friend can tell you your work sucks and push you to do better. It’s health food for a writer’s soul. When the valuable critique comes your way you eat it because it’s good for you. Foster healthy relationships too.

Every writer needs sharing friends. People who interact with and share your work.

Before you know it you’ll be making friends like Tom Kuegler and Michael Thompson.


You never know where the next opportunity is coming from, so look to publications as a guest posting opportunity to get extra eyes on your work.

May I introduce you to David Mike? He’s a Publishous writer and I had an opportunity to talk with him recently. His book is for sale in the Publishous shop.

At we crowdsource and provide a virtual meet-up where writers connect, network, and enjoy others’ work. No other pub is doing what we are doing.

We have a weekly Author Spotlight on the website and a Twitter Chat, Follow @Publishous #PubChat and come chat with our featured writer on Wednesday at 8 pm CDT.

Our most valuable writers have opportunities to add their products and books to the shop. It’s huge networking and revenue building potential. People like Anne PetersonKris LoomisKay BoldenJohn GyorkiCaroline DePalatisLauren SalkinTeresa Colon, and Sandy Kreps are there.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re not a little bit shy about promoting our writers and their products on the website, on Medium, across Twitter, and Facebook.

That’s valuable promotion! What’s not to love?

Join us today!

We publish tomorrow’s best sellers today. Come write with us!

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