When we are sick, our writing suffers. When our minds are occupied with the state of a relationship, it’s hard to focus on our writing. Our writing projects speed towards completion when we are centered, calm, and energized. Instead of thinking of our writing as a separate project or part of our lives, successful writers know that the WHOLE of their lives affects their writing.

We are complex intra-connected beings. For the writers who come to me looking to inspire and catapult their writing careers, I give them the following blueprint to catapult their writing career and faith in the next 30 days.

1. Decide with soul: your faith.

Every writer faces doubt and insecurity. Although many writers try to ‘punch’ their way through and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, this is exhausting and provides temporary relief. When a writer can connect their soul’s faith to their writing, they are propelled forward with purpose and power.

A writer’s faith is the foundation of their work: centering and strengthening them as they write. This means connecting regularly to God, whether through books, quiet time, meditation, prayers or gathering with others. If you want to revolutionize your faith, learn ask specific questions and listen as God guides. Ask questions about your writing career and which projects to tackle.

Our creativity connects us to God.

As deeply loved created beings, our creativity is a reflection of God. When our writing is fueled by a security in God’s blessing over our creative efforts, we find courage and confidence to continue writing, regardless of the obstacles that come our way.

2. Discover your ministry-work: your flock.

Now that you know you want to write and that your creativity is a gift from God, it’s time to ask God, “Who are the specific people you are calling me to serve? What are they struggling with? How do you want me to serve them?

If we write our books for everyone, we are writing for no one.

If we try to help everyone generally, our efforts are diffused and impotent. When we focus on specific problems or challenges, our help is powerful and result-driven. People are magnetized to writers and businesses that help them in specific and tangible ways.

So the second thing to focus on to catapult your faith and writing in 30 days is to ask God who the specific people are He is calling you to, the specific problems they are facing, and the specific message God has for them.

As writers, we are vessels of God’s truth, life, and story: regardless of the genre we write in.

Starting with your faith connects you to God. Knowing your flock of people brings clarity and momentum.

For example, if you’re working on a project that you think might help or connect to someone, the project is fuzzy and vague in your mind. You are not going to have the momentum of a writer who knows exactly who their book is for and how the book will impact and change lives.

A personal example is the book I just launched, When God Calls A Writer. The two greatest challenges writers face are a lack of confidence and clarity. The reason I am giving away free copies of the book here is because I know that when writers connect to God and know who their flock is, they become unstoppable, giving up is not an option.

God is searching for storytellers, artists, and writers, willing to unleash their creativity and art into a world soul-starved for meaning, beauty, and belonging.

3. Dance to the rhythm: your flow.

How do you tackle your projects? If your to-do list is currently a boulder weighing you down, leaving you paralyzed and overwhelmed, it’s time to face the facts. Instead of asking “How much can I squish onto my plate and into my calendar,” begin with the question, “What can I let go of?”

The smaller your goals and fewer your projects, the greater your momentum.

Every writer has a long list of what they should be doing: blogging, writing that book, marketing themselves, building a website, connecting with others in their field, researching… It’s easy to get stuck in spiraled self-defeating thoughts, I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing it fast enough. I’m not good enough…

The key to moving faster and finishing projects is simplifying and finding your flow.

Our brains were made for rhythms. When we can set aside consistent times of the week for various tasks, we train ourselves that this is what we do on this day, at this time, every week. We take the emotion out of the task. When we simplify and streamline our processes and productivity, we stop being all over the place with our projects, and become focused powerful writers going deep with our ideas, projects and people.

4. Decide to reach out: your friends.

Every writer you look up to is first and foremost a person. To catapult your writing and faith in the next 30 days, start creating connections with your peers and heroes.

Writing is solitary. When I signed up to write, I imagined myself in a hideaway room where I would write and then send my books off to be marketed by someone else, preferably a large publisher. The world has changed. Today every writer carries the responsibility of marketing: both in self-publishing and traditionally publishing.

The reach of a book reflects its writer’s reach.

Just as we invest in our writing and protect our writing time, we must invest and protect our connections to others in our field, especially those who are serving the same audience as us.

It’s noisy on social media. When a writer shows up as authentic and real, it is a powerful gift. Bring your heart, hobbies, interests, and even the way you talk online.

Don’t forget about your professional experience, especially that which is unrelated to writing: it is an asset. The online world is a place to reflect who we are and all that has already been accomplished OFFLINE.

You don’t need two personas: be yourself. Although you may need to practice Facebook Lives to get comfortable, or dress up to show that you care, you are most powerful and connecting as YOU.

Most writers have simply spent too long hiding on and off-line and need to practice unleashing their voices and writing into the world.

When a writer connects to other writers there is synergy and the power of the collective. We are stronger together. Be intentional and spontaneous in building connections: hit reply to your heroes email and tell them how grateful you are for their insight, hand-write a card and mail it, listen for clues on ways to serve your online mentors, no strings attached.

Your connections are your superpower: treat them with consistent kindness and they will flourish.

Tell us in the comments. Which of these four steps resonated most with you? How are you increasing your faith, finding your flock, streamlining your flow, and reaching out to friends?

Author, Speaker & Founder of Unstoppable Writers. Deanne is a writer, speaker and writing coach who loves words, stories, salsa dancing, techno music, deep conversations and laughing with my husband.
Author, Speaker & Founder of Unstoppable Writers. Deanne is a writer, speaker and writing coach who loves words, stories, salsa dancing, techno music, deep conversations and laughing with my husband.

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