As the population continues to grow, the more than a trend for less is developing. This sort of trend is a minimalistic lifestyle.

That isn’t to say this movement is bad, in fact, it’s still a good move as we move away from less material things and focus more on the things that actually matter to us.

But the underlying thing about minimalism is that it revolves around living a more simplified life. This is a lifestyle that I’m personally pursuing as I’m aware of the dangers of having too much stuff. Not to mention the consumer-based behaviour can be dangerous for a lot of reasons.

As such, I’d like to share some activities that I have done and that I will do to make my life simpler. If you are striving for a more simpler life, consider doing these things.

Automate Everything

One thing that I’ve been doing with my business has been automating as many things as I can (and that my wallet will allow). From the early stages of my business, this has been the case. I’ve been using free tools to help me with posting amongst other things.

While that is another problem in of itself as social media is working to punish users for that, there still is a lot of time that’s saved when you automate. Not just in business, but also in life.

Are there regular questions that you happen in your household? I know one for me has always been “What’s for supper?” If you can find a tool that either gives you recipes to work with regularly or even apps that offer suggestions based on pictures of what’s in your fridge, you can answer that question quickly.

It can save you a few minutes every day, but every month you’ll save an hour which you could use for other things.

Set Some Clear Goals

Goals have always been a big thing for me and setting some goals has been a huge lifesaver for me. For one, goals have helped me in setting clear objectives for me to achieve every day, but also every week, month and year too.

When you have clear goals you can dedicate your resources and time to the things that can help you get closer to those goals.

For a long time in my life, I did things that didn’t bring me closer to my goals, but also things I didn’t care all that much for. This actually put a lot of stress on me. Not to mention I wasted a lot of time.

By moving away from those things and focusing on what I am motivated to do and want to do, my life became simpler and happier.

Know what you want to achieve in your life at the current moment and set yourself some goals to work towards. They can change your life.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

The other thing I did in recent months was to simplify my wardrobe. I don’t talk all that much about it, however, I have made some videos in the past where I’ve mentioned my wardrobe is very simple.

It’s simple because I’ve chosen to wear primarily blue clothing with a splash of green and white in there.

By simplifying the decisions we spend less time figuring out what we want to wear. Not only that but I’ve picked classic styles that aren’t out of place when out in public. Not that I’m all about the latest fashion trends, but normally the classic styles are the simplest styles.

Plus I saved a lot of money by going to a thrift store to get my entire wardrobe.

Sell Some Stuff

You would be surprised how much stuff that we accumulate over the years. A lot of us hoard things that we never use. From clothing, to board games and tools. Sure some of it may be junk that no person would buy, but it never hurts to throw them up and see what bites.

You might be able to get some people paying for it which is more money you’ll make than the useless item sitting in your house.

Make An Effort To Move Around Every Day

A lot of us have desk jobs and because of that, we neglect to move around. We spend long periods of time sitting and working away that we get hardly time to exercise.

No matter the day, I set aside at least sometime during the day to move.

Whether it’s biking or walking, it does a lot of good to devote every day to some level of physical activity.

But what does that have to do with living a simple life?

Well aside from the fact that exercise can help us be healthier and more productive individuals, it also makes your day somewhat predictable. Going back to what I said above, the fewer decisions you ask, the simpler the life.

In this case, having some time allotted to exercise saves you the question “what’s next?” This is big because as you continue this habit, you’ll do those exercises automatically without much thought.

On top of that, setting goals allows you to develop habits in order to achieve them. Those take time to do. So setting aside more time to work towards those things helps in making your day more structured too.

Find The Most Calming Place To Do Work

The last thing that I want to suggest is finding a place that you find calming. For me, that’s my room. However as time has gone on, I’ve come to enjoy the occasional café as a place to get a lot of work done as well.

Finding a few places where you can work or even relax and unwind can do a lot for your life. For one it allows you to release stress which can cause a lot of problems if left alone.

Of course, the calming place doesn’t have to be something that costs you money. If there is a forest near your place or even a room in your house that isn’t in use, try it out and see how you feel after a while.

Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life is literally simplifying everything. From making your stress more manageable and productive for you to making your objectives easier and clearer, a simple lifestyle can be easy to achieve and provide many benefits.

All it takes is for you to give it a try. So try these activities out and see how much simpler your life can become.

To your growth!

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at

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