6th Day in Spain

My days are slightly wonky. I’m using a countdown app, which is now counting up from the day the plane landed here in Madrid. This morning the count was 6 days. After 8:00 am, the count becomes 7 days. I really should have planned how I was going to count.

Next time I’ll know how difficult counting days is.

No Rest of the Weary

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining. I just want to tell it like is. And how it is lately is hot.

As I mentioned on Day 5: it’s not the heat. It’s the humility.

I don’t know if it’s the heat or if my circadian rhythm is off, but I can not get to sleep at night. We’re going to bed around midnight, and it’s at least 3 or 4:00 am before I fall asleep.

When I’ve been here in Madrid before, I wasn’t working.

I was on vacay all the way, Baybay!

This time I’m working. It’s not like working from home at home. Working from home at home, I have my comfy chair, my AC and Chick-Fil-A.

Speaking of Chick-Fil-A…

The Junk Food Invasion

The Conquistadors were some bad dudes.

They conquered with cruelty and effectiveness rarely duplicated in history. Their conquered were practically defenseless against the Conquistadors’ tactics.

Now Spain has invaders who are just as greedy and whose tactics are just as effective: the makers of junk food.

I don’t remember seeing Burger King here last time. I know they didn’t have Five Guys or Pepsi. Those are all things I never have, but Chick-Fil-A is our default we-don’t-have-anything-prepared-and-need-to-get-something-quick-what-should-we-get answer.

We don’t have a default here, which is good.

First of all, a default isn’t mindful. Second, it’s all junk food.

Unless I can count tapas as my default.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way Back From the Bus Station

I got a monthly bus/metro pass today. For a month, I get unlimited bus and subway rides within Madrid city limits. My kid’s bus/metro pass grants her free rides to anywhere around Madrid.

What good does that do? Like I’m gonna send her off to Pamplona without me? She is not running with the bulls without me!

I walked through Plaza Mayor on my walk back from the bus station. It’s impossible to take pictures in Madrid without taking pictures of people taking pictures.

The station where I purchased the bus and subway pass is about 5 kilometers from our flat. That’s our apartment for your urbanites and suburbanites.

We took a bus to the Plaza Mayor stop. Then walked several blocks to the metro station in Puerta del Sol where I purchased my monthly pass.I’m going to repeat that part for effect. I took the bus to the station to buy my pass granting me unlimited subway and bus rides for the month.

Then after getting my unlimited bus and subway pass, I walked the 5 kilometers back to the flat, passing probably dozens of bus stops and subway stations on the way.

I also walked by Puerta de Toledo on my way to the piso.

I Love Walking

It’s why I want to walk the Camino de Santiago. I know I’ll ride the buses and trains with my family when we go places together, but when I’m by myself I walk.

Also, I finally got to go to the city central.

This is Day 6 of my Summer in Spain saga that began 13 days ago.

Happiness Architect at www.IndependentlyHappy.com. Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.
Happiness Architect at www.IndependentlyHappy.com. Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.

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