And the Lesson I Thought I Knew

I took a full month away from posting or writing a single story on Medium.

I felt like my life was missing something the entire time, to be honest. I craved the time I used to have writing out my thoughts.

And after developing a consistent routine, I was forced to do other things. But guys, believe me when I tell you: I did not have the time.

There was the whole moving thing, which we will talk about in a sec. I had midterms to stress about, so that’s great.

And now that I’m able to break away from it all, I reflect on everything I’ve learned throughout this past month — because life is awesome yet so unpredictable.

Let’s talk about this moving situation.

Within the last thirty days, I landed a new apartment. But it’s not just an apartment. To me, it’s my escape from all the noise — a place to focus and work without distraction.

The walls are thicker than my last place of residence. That was a tremendous relief. The amount of natural light that gets in here is sweet.

The pool is great. And after the tour, I knew this would be the perfect place to both work and relax. Oh, and did I mention that their pool is amazing?

I started packing up all my things as soon as I was approved. It was one of those moments for me (some of you may understand precisely where I’m coming from with this).

However, this took up a lot of my time — time I normally spend studying and posting stories on Medium — and effort. This effort included me sending everyone and their mom (kinda literal, but not really), an update of my new address.

Side note: To those who move often, you deserve as many high fives as your hands can endure.

And then there was mid-terms.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with exams. In fact, I prefer exams over other assignments in some cases. But the timing this year did not help at all.

Throughout the time one would typically stress over the moving ordeal, I was also going bananas about my mid-term exams.

I reminded myself that I didn’t have too much to worry about. I’m still holding strong with all A’s. But the reason for the overthinking came back to one thing — timing.

I know I should have thought about all this beforehand, but the level of excitement was undeniable.


(Too Glad It’s Spring Break)

The rush that I felt after I submitted my exams and viewed the results was deeply appreciated. I wanted to run outside for a second, but I decided not to terrify the neighbors — maybe later.

One half of the semester is done, another half to go. I get to catch up on some much-needed rest — rest my body has been craving.

There is furniture staring at me, waiting on me to grab my tools and do the assembling I’m supposed to do. (Yes, I did choose not to pay someone else to do a job I could do).

My brain has been taking a beating, and this spring break will be the best spring break I have ever had — at least I hope so.

A Lesson for Us All

This is a lesson I thought I already knew. Turns out, I did not get to know this lesson as well as I should have.

Life is great, yet it is so unpredictable.

Around this same time last year, I was struggling with almost every category of life.

  1. My finances were in a terrible state.
  2. I became more and more unsure about the career path I chose.
  3. And I desired badly to move out of the living situation I was in.

This would be one of the amazing parts about life and how things can go from horrible to mind-blowingly awesome in an unexpected amount of time.

There was no way I was expecting everything to change in my life. But there was one thing I knew I had to do, and that is keep going.

I had to get out of my bed of depression, stop feeling sorry for myself, and prepare for something, even though I had no idea what that something was.

I’m not sure who came up with this saying, but I find it to be amazing:

“Always prepare for the worst, and be ready for the best.” — Unknown

I had to look myself in the eyes (with the help of a mirror) and tell myself not to give up. There was something to all of this turmoil. I just had to get past it. And I did.


I’m excited for what the future has in store for me.

Moving to a convenient, quiet, more suitable location was a big step. It’s exactly what I needed — but so was the last thirty days.

And to go even further, the worst time of my life was much needed, too. These have been the best lessons needed to go further.

Life is awesome, yet so unpredictable. But keep moving forward.

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