Silence speaks the loudest 
violin concerto in the background humming
tiny winged creatures suck sugar and fly

heart strings that long to be united.

The mechanics of separation 
have led you to distant shores

where I can only hope in hand’s of perfection 

you have found comfort, peace divine grace,
atmospheres find isolation amidst a sea of 
people or two beings running across spectrum’s

of grief, love lost, distant-apart relations


I have no choice but to accept this sedation

that you will not be glistening with wine’s caress
at the dinner table nor sharing your predilections,
pictures will be in framed contraptions
and I will be inside the frame with you.

No rosy cheeks nor the airplane museum
that we never visited.

But we simply have no choice,
honor, remember, dance with shadows,
grasp to shadows as they dance,
in the shadows of forever more.

Acceptance requires.

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