One day I went before my Lord, the God of all. He is the One who reigns over every tribe and nation.

He rules supreme.

Just to be in His presence is to experience life to the fullest.

I know here in Heaven we are never out of His presence yet on this day I felt drawn even closer to Him.

So, I strolled into the throne room.

The Lord is a gracious king and allows us to come and go at any time. He values us, even though we are nothing compared to His greatness.

On this day, as I approached the throne I could see the face of my King.

It was downcast.

“This should not be,” I thought. “How can the Lord of all be sad, so much so that He does not even hide it?”

I rushed to His side, “My Lord, my King, what has you so troubled?”

A small smile crept along the corner of His mouth and He turned His head so that I could see I had His full attention.

Those eyes warmed my being and I felt the entire world slip away around me. Nothing else mattered but this moment with my King.

“Thank you for checking on me. I knew that you could come.” He took a breath and placed his hand on mine which had been resting on the arm of His throne.

“It is Israel. Joshua has gone to rest, and all those in his generation have left that life.” He smiled yet his eyes were still filled with sorrow. “The people have once again forgotten me.”

I stood, feeling a pit grow in my stomach. “Forgotten? How could…what do…but You…” I was unable to form a coherent thought.

“Yes, they have forgotten. The people who are living in Israel now are not following my commands. They seek out the gods of other nations. They desire to fill their lives with temporary pleasures, rather than finding everlasting pleasure in the ways I had laid before them.

“I have even given some of them over to their enemies.” I’m sure most people have heard there is no crying in Heaven, but on this day I am certain I saw tears streaming down the face of my Lord.

“What can be done?” I searched His face for hope.

“A plan is already in motion, but it is going to take a long time to come to fulfillment. Until then, we wait.

“I am having judges appointed over Israel. There are still a few people who desire to do my will. They will speak my words and deliver my commands to Israel.

“It will be a long journey, and many will still fall away, but there will be some who turn back to me, and it is for them that I have set my plan in motion.”

My Lord wiped His tears and smiled at me once again and I found the hope for which I had searched. “Praise You for your wisdom my King.”

“And thank you for coming to my side. It is good to share my plan.

“All is not lost. There are going to be many bumps along the way. There is going to be a lot more pain to come, both for Israel,” he took a deep breath, “and for Me. But a bright day is coming. Until then I will look after Israel in anyway she will let me.

“Right now, that is through these judges.”

He stood on His throne and I stood with Him. “Go now. I have work to do.”

“Yes my King.” I walked from the throne room feeling more full of hope and love than ever before.

I know I really did nothing to aide in my Master’s plan but to hear His words of thanks filled me with purpose. It was good to see my King taking care of His creation.

He’s had a special plan for them since the beginning with those first two.

I cannot wait to see what it is.


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Brandon describes himself this way: Husband to an amazing woman. Father to 4 sons. I like to arrange words into adventures. See more from Brandon at
Brandon describes himself this way: Husband to an amazing woman. Father to 4 sons. I like to arrange words into adventures. See more from Brandon at

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