Joshua reflects on Israel’s past and expresses concerns for it’s future. [Based on Joshua 23–24]

I remember back when I took over the reigns from Moses. My hands trembled with the responsibility of leading.

I was so worried about what might go wrong.

“Do I have what it takes to be the leader of the Lord’s people?” The question coursed through my being with every heartbeat.

Then the message came.

It was first delivered by a messenger from the Lord Himself. After that it came once more through God’s people.

“Be strong and Courageous.”

This very quickly became the theme of my life.

If I was going to do nothing else, I would be strong and courageous. I would lead these people into the promised land and overcome whatever obstacles came our way.

We overtook the land which had been promised to our forefathers and settled in it.


We finally achieved peace. After hundreds of years being slaves in Egypt and after another generation of living in the wilderness, we finally have a place of our own.


The heart of this old man could not be more pleased. The Lord our God delivered on His promises. The people of the one true God are no longer to be a laughing stock of other nations.

He has rescued us. He has given us refuge.

Yet, there is a part of me which cannot help but be concerned for the future of this people.

Many among them have not lived through all of our hardships.

Many of them do not know a life of need and want.

We have been following the Lord’s commands and he has blessed us as a result. What happens when this generation rises up? Will they continue to follow in the way of the generation before them?

Or will they believe they have a right to success no matter how they live? Will they come to believe the nation of Israel is mighty simply because of our own strength?

What a terrible end will await them if they follow that line of thinking.

We are only successful, we are only blessed because of our obedience.

Our God keeps his promise to us and makes us victorious because of our adherence to His commands, not because of our own greatness.

I am only strong and courageous because I know I am obedient to the Lord.

I must address the nation of Israel one last time and pray my words do not fall of deaf ears.

I must, at the age of one hundred and ten, be as strong and courageous before my Lord as I was when we took over Jericho.

I pray, as I speak, my words mean something to the younger generation and they allow my words into their hearts.

For they have the blood of their ancestors running through them, the ancestors who turned their back on God and were doomed to live the rest of their days in the wilderness.

Their ancestors flaws can be their flaws.

Rise once more Joshua. Come on, you can do this. Be strong and courageous to the end.

But even more, be obedient to the will of your Lord.


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Brandon describes himself this way: Husband to an amazing woman. Father to 4 sons. I like to arrange words into adventures. See more from Brandon at
Brandon describes himself this way: Husband to an amazing woman. Father to 4 sons. I like to arrange words into adventures. See more from Brandon at

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