36th Day in Spain

Madrid is full of parks, fountains and statues. They don’t all have names. I searched for the name of one small park in particular. All Google Maps says is Parque. Parque has a fountain. It’s an ordinary fountain with a great story.

The photo location on IOS says Madrid – Vista Alegre, a barrio in the southern part of the Carabanchel district.

It’s Just a Park and Just a Fountain

It’s not a fancy park. It’s got a humble playground, some park benches and a fountain. It’s not a fancy fountain. It sprays water into the air. The fountain doesn’t have a name that I can find, not even a little plaque that says “Dedicated to…” or “In Fond Memory of..”

Fountains don’t have to be fancy. They just have to move water. They’re lovely to see and relaxing to hear. Don’t you just love to sit next to a fountain? Whether you’re talking, reading, dozing off or just staring at water flying into the air and splashing down into a pool, fountains are lovely.

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Evenings in Madrid

Summer days in Madrid are hot. It’s probably why Spaniards started siestas. We could look it up. I bet sites and books somewhere tell the origins of the siesta. For now, we’ll just sleep on it.

When the sun gets low enough and a breeze begins to pick up, evenings turn gorgeous. After working, sleeping and working all day, many Spaniards get out and enjoy their many parks. Walk by a park at 1:00 in the afternoon, and you’ll wonder why they built parks nobody uses. Walk by the same park at 9:00 in the evening — in Madrid 9:00 isn’t night yet — and you’ll think Madrid doesn’t have enough parks for all the people who like to spend evenings enjoying parks.

The Bet: A Kiss or a Slap

When my father-in-law and mother-in-law first met they got into a discussion

(If you read 9th Day in Spain, then you know all about Discusiones Españoles. If you haven’t read 9th day in Spain, then you have to go read it real quick. Or maybe you forgot. Either way, just to be safe, go read 9th Day in Spain. Just in case you don’t remember, forgot to share it or didn’t clap enough.)

Their discussion revolved around whether or not the fountain was still working. Abuelo said it was not working while Abuela maintained that the waters still danced. I doubt Abuela said, “The waters still dance.” I added that touch for effect.

Since I’m writing about the fountain now, I’m pretty sure you can figure out who won that discussion.

So they made a bet. Charming and smooth Abuelo bet that if the fountain didn’t work, Abuela would give him a kiss. Well played, Abuelo. Well played. Except for the fact that I just saw this fountain the other day.

Cute and feisty Abuela bet that if the waters were still dancing, she would get to slap Abuelo. Well played, Abuela. Well played. If cell phones had existed then, it would not surprise me if she had been sitting next to that fountain while texted with Abuelo and making this bet. Cell phones didn’t exist then, though, so I have no idea how they could have even met, must less date and eventually get married. Or what they could have been texting about. Maybe it was the magic of the fountains?

And the Winner Is…

Well, I just saw the fountain. The waters still dance. I said that!

Abuela won the bet. She won the right to slap Abuelo. Wouldn’t you imagine that if you or I made such a bet, we’d both expect a friendly, light, love-tap? This is Abuela we’re talking about. She had an opportunity and intended to seize it.

She let him have it. Hauled off and knocked his head sideways. Well played, Abuela. If that happened to me, if the lady slapped me like that, I would have just walked away. I probably would have been crying hysterically. Maybe running for medical attention. Luckily Abuelo saw the humor in the slap.

Do you have any funny dating stories?

This is Day 36 of my Summer in Spain saga that began 47days ago.


Happiness Architect at www.IndependentlyHappy.com. Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.
Happiness Architect at www.IndependentlyHappy.com. Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.

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