You’re Not Alone. Science Says So.

It’s pouring rain right now.

Normally I love a good rainy day because it feels cozy and inspires tea and books and binge-watching innocuous TV.

But in the summertime, rain is often accompanied by long stretches of humidity and a low, grey, gloomy sky, and this has been the case for the last several weeks during this long hot summer.

I do not do well with a low grey sky or with humidity at any time.

My anxiety runs high, I’m grumpy, and most of all, I feel stuck inside under a fan or in lovely air conditioning.

My Mum was the same way, and we used to make sure we had lots of plans on such days — going to a movie or a mall or having an indoor project of some kind helped a lot.

I did a bit of digging on why these types of days impact me so greatly, and was surprised to find out that some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) in the summertime.

It can be called Summer Depression, Summer Sadness, or Reverse SAD, and it can cause people to suffer from anxiety and depression or just to feel out of sorts.

Why? Any number of reasons, including:

  • Longer days
  • Dark and gloomy skies
  • Too much sun (!)
  • Heat and humidity
  • Disrupted schedules

For me, it’s all about the humidity and the disrupted schedules. I read an amazing article this week where the author, Anne T. Donahue, described her summer blues as feeling “untethered,” which is exactly how I feel.

I long for the return of routine, the sounds of my neighbours home from vacations, deep breaths of clear crisp air, and a renewed sense of purpose.

It’s why my New Years is the day after Labour Day.

What Can We Do About It?

Guess what? The same things we do for SAD in the winter time.

Turn on the lights.

Have a project or two to occupy your mind and your hands.


Go outside (even if you don’t want to).

Talk to people.

Eat right.

Seek help if you need to.

Fall is coming, days and nights are approaching the same length, and there will be routine and structure again soon.

Life will be good again.

Well, life is always good for me, truly.

But it’s extra good again when fall comes round the bend.

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