Stepping into self-awareness Day 2

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself.

Notice what self-talk you use; does this shirt make me look fat, am I smart enough, could anyone really love me, I wish my hair was . . .

A few days ago I read about self-trust. The book was describing me perfectly. I don’t trust myself to make good choices. This year of exploring and being curious gave me the opportunity to stop and sit with my thoughts in a non-judging way.

Why don’t I trust myself?

For me, it comes back to how my parents raised me and a few other pivotal moments. My parents (mom and three different fathers) told me what to do. Every move I made was orchestrated and allowed by them. To their credit, some things were to keep me safe but the majority was to control me. Again, to their credit, I was a kid who annoyingly asked a lot of questions, took things apart and sang/hummed/spoke my internal stories aloud. I was a lot of kid in a small package. I was also a girl (becoming a woman) during the time of “girls aren’t supposed to do that!” This flawed misguided thinking were how my ideas were met.

I never learned how to trust my own judgment.

How can we not judge ourselves when we haven’t learned the basic tool necessary for non-judgment.

The tool is kindness. Loving-kindness.

I invite you to join me in this year-long journey — come for a day, or stay the entire time YOU decided what works best for you.

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