Author: Anne Peterson

How One Grudge-holder Learned How to Forgive

Forgiveness is possible for anyone Have you ever given an apology you didn’t want to give? How did that go for you? You know what I mean, you mouth the words, but inwardly you carry on another conversation. Maybe I’ll outwardly forgive them, but I’m holding onto this one. Forgiveness is hard. In some cases, impossible, but I hope to show you how to forgive when you don’t want to forgive. Little offenses Someone bumps into you as you’re in a crowded place. “Hey, I’m sorry,” they say in passing. “That’s okay,” you mutter back. And in most cases, it is...

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“Stop Trying so Hard to be Accepted; You Already Are

Everyone needs to belong You see it all the time. There, in the corner of the room, looking down, sits another one. You can tell she’s not having a good time. She hardly looks up. But then again, why should she? She feels invisible. According to Abraham Maslow, all people have a hierarchy of needs. From the very basic need, Physiological, to the top: self-actualization. I enjoyed learning about Maslow’s triangle. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia His theory helped me because I was stuck and I didn’t even know it. And I stayed stuck until one day I met someone...

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Standing There

I was afraid to walk into my pain, but I saw you standing there. Your arms opened wide so I’d slip right inside; I could feel how much you cared.  My tears fell like rain, again and again, but you gathered them all, as you felt all my pain. I know who you are, for you’ve never been far. I know that you care, for you’ve always been there. And though I may hurt all the way to my soul, you are the one who has felt every hole.  And so I will enter my pain, for I know,...

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I’ll Wait

A poem about winter Branches bare before me naked, trembling trees cold is slithering around to soon devour me quiet isolation nothing left to do pulling blankets over me I’ll wait til winter’s...

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Are You Being Abused? This is Why You Need to Tell Someone Now

Don’t let Peggy’s story become yours I know, I know, it’s something you may have heard before. Well, it’s something that needs to be repeated. Especially when there’s a chance. Please take that chance. In 1982, I stood peeking out the window as the mailman drove up. Telling you that I enjoyed getting mail would be an understatement. If the mailman did not drop off mail, I hated him. Yes, a bit harsh, but let me explain. As a newly married woman, I was unaccustomed to living far from family. And while our family was already a shell of what...

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