Author: Bebe Nicholson

Are Some Prayers Too Trivial for God?

Different Christians have different ideas about what is or is not an appropriate prayer. One friend told me, “I only pray about major things, like the world situation or a terminal illness.” Other Christians pray for the weather to be sunny for a church picnic or for guidance in buying the right furniture for their house. What’s the right approach? Are we being trivial when we pray for the sun to shine on a planned event or are we exhibiting a lack of faith in the power and love of God when we limit our prayers to major things...

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The Time I Saved a Sparrow

I call the sparrow my miracle bird, because its survival seemed nothing short of miraculous. As a teenager, I loved (and still love ) all kinds of animals. The morning I saved a sparrow I was at the barn where I boarded my horse. It was a wonderful morning in early May with pastures starting to green and yellow wildflowers speckling the fields. I had just finished my barnyard chores when I spotted the bird. Too young to fly, it hopped awkwardly on the dirt driveway between stables. To my horror, I also spotted a tractor chugging relentlessly along...

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