Author: Brandon Weldy

An Angel Approaches the Throne The Lord reveals He has a plan for His people, and it begins with judges

One day I went before my Lord, the God of all. He is the One who reigns over every tribe and nation. He rules supreme. Just to be in His presence is to experience life to the fullest. I know here in Heaven we are never out of His presence yet on this day I felt drawn even closer to Him. So, I strolled into the throne room. The Lord is a gracious king and allows us to come and go at any time. He values us, even though we are nothing compared to His greatness. On this day,...

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An Old Man’s Concerns for the Next Generation

Joshua reflects on Israel’s past and expresses concerns for it’s future. [Based on Joshua 23–24] I remember back when I took over the reigns from Moses. My hands trembled with the responsibility of leading. I was so worried about what might go wrong. “Do I have what it takes to be the leader of the Lord’s people?” The question coursed through my being with every heartbeat. Then the message came. It was first delivered by a messenger from the Lord Himself. After that it came once more through God’s people. “Be strong and Courageous.” This very quickly became the theme of my life. If I was going to do nothing else, I would be strong and courageous. I would lead these people into the promised land and overcome whatever obstacles came our way. We overtook the land which had been promised to our forefathers and settled in it. Peace. We finally achieved peace. After hundreds of years being slaves in Egypt and after another generation of living in the wilderness, we finally have a place of our own. Home. The heart of this old man could not be more pleased. The Lord our God delivered on His promises. The people of the one true God are no longer to be a laughing stock of other nations. He has rescued us. He has given us refuge. Yet, there is a part of...

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The Musings of an Old Man

Moses reflects on God’s use of his hands. Look at these hands, worn and wrinkled. These are an old man’s hands. I can barely see the swirls covering my fingertips anymore. Of course, that may be the result of my failing eyesight. Although I’d like to believe I may have worn my hands right down from all the work I have done over the course of my long life. To think, I thought I was old the day years ago when the Lord spoke to me from the burning bush. I had just finally settled into my life as a...

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Moses’ Father Struggles to Believe

Even a rich spiritual history can be hard to cling to after 400 years of slavery. Standing here on the bank of the great river has always been one of my favorite places to stand. It is so easy to get lost as the minutes pass by as quickly as the current rushes. Sometimes I like to pretend I am a branch which has gotten swept away, moving away from this wretched land. The river is beautiful. Or at least I usually think so when I can see it. I cannot see it now though. The sun is going down,...

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Reflections in the Pit

Joseph wonders about God’s promises. It’s so dark and damp down here. Luckily there was some mud at the bottom to help break my fall. Although I’m sure it has ruined my robe, even though it can’t see to tell. How did my life get to this point? I thought everything was going so well. I thought everyone loved me. Today started out as any other day. I was relaxing at home with my father. We were discussing the Lord and His great promise for our family. He promised to my great-grandfather one day his people would be a...

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