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Reboot your Health

What is a REBOOT? One might ask simply, what is a REBOOT?  That’s a great question since this article will be sitting on a health and wellness page amongst intrigued readers.  By definition, REBOOT is defined as:  to refresh something by making a new start or creating a new version. Again, what does this have to do with health and wellness? The most obvious use of reboot is with our electronic devices.  When the iPhone acts up we simply hit the top button and watch the screen go dark.  Push the button again, the Apple logo appears and the...

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Accepting the Aging Process

Accepting the aging process. “That was a Senior moment.” “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” “I hardly rest when I sleep.”  “I just can’t do that anymore.” “Let’s go to the all you can eat today.” What a lead into how the traditional aging process occurs for the last couple of generations of Americans. The increases in a wide variety of health disorders for the aging generations of Baby Boomers and the generation just behind them are continuing to affect more people. A Shift in Aging Americans made a major shift in preventative wellness back in...

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