Author: Caroline DePalatis

Seize This Day and Be That Change. But First, Be Still.

As you wake up, imagine what is happening in your body. Neurons fire, senses awaken from their slumber, your spirit slowly, but surely, bursts forth. You have just received the gift of a new day. True, sometimes when that alarm goes off, we’d rather cling to sleep. To that delicious dream. Or we wake up with a sense of foreboding. Perhaps this day holds a greater challenge than most. Sometimes we bring the haunts of the night to stalk us in the day. But this is not your today. Today, you will seize the moments. You will be that change...

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How to Brilliantly Master New Seasons in Your Parenting Life

The key is to first LET GO! Yesterday I dropped my college-aged daughter off at the airport for overseas travel. For the third time in the past year. Each time, my heart alternately leaps with excitement and trepidation. We got the message in the middle of the night: Yes, she had arrived in London safely, ready to begin a quarter study abroad at Oxford. Whew. It’s not as if I expected anything different. Still, every time I say goodbye to people I love, I mentally mark it. We never know what will happen tomorrow. The Flow of Our Lives I...

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How to Master the Skill of Saying Goodbye

I say goodbye. A lot. It’s been part of my job for the last 20+ years. Over this time, I’ve worked with thousands of international students, scholars, wives, couples, and families. Most of them stay in my city for 18 months to two years. It’s like a revolving door to my heart. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, when the time comes to say goodbye, it is almost always bittersweet. And for them, too. So, I’ve developed some skills in doing this. If I didn’t, I would be a constant puddle of mush. Here are three skills...

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How to Avoid Being Ordinary In A World of Automatons

I’m trying to do my life different now. I’ve spent most of my career working with the same organization, International Students, Inc. It’s been a fantastic experience. The people and experiences I’ve enjoyed as a result of this decision two decades ago have colored my life in vivid, unmistakable and lasting ways. Working part-time as a campus staff and then city director with this outreach while raising three children turned out, on the whole, to be a good fit. Asking Myself Big Questions But when I approached 50 (arguably past mid-life), I began to ponder, “Is this it? Is...

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Confessions of the “Color Blind:” Beyond Simple Black & White

“I want you to see my color! If you don’t see my color, you don’t see me!” There we were, sitting around our dinner table with our friend, Naliah. Two white Americans, raised to be “colorblind,” with an African American friend who wants us to see her for who she is. She wants us to see her beautiful, ebony skin color alongside her character and competency. She wants us to understand she is shaped — but not confined — by her black skin. What does “Colorblind” Mean, anyway? You see, this word “colorblind,” holds several definitions. One is to attempt...

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