Author: Colleen Golafshan

Will You Dare to Hope? Start Loving and Living to Your Fullest Right Now!

Are you loving and living to your fullest? Sadly, too many of us aren’t living up to our potential, according to statistics. How can you be confident of loving and living to your fullest? Discover the first 2 of 10 ways to loving and living to your fullest whether you’re: Diagnosed with terminal illness Attacked unfairly. Abandoned. Begin loving and living to your fullest right now with these first two suggestions below.  1. DARE to HOPE First, dare to hope, whatever happens in your life — no matter how stretched you feel. Dare to see yourself at your best, and...

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Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

One Writer’s Dream Partially Realised Through the Storms and Fires of Life One Year Ago Our jacaranda sapling, late November 2016 Today a dream is partially realised. Writing at my desk, I see a jacaranda tree swaying in the breeze, metres away. It’s a symbol of hope — though still a stapling. I’m content. I first visualised this in some future location! I had no part in planting our jacaranda. Nor did I know this tree often self-seeds. Whether or not well positioned, I rejoice in our jacaranda — a treasure from God, which I choose to accept as a visual sign...

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