Author: Danielle Bernock

Shame is NEVER Good

Here’s why and what to do instead Shame has been around for a long time. We’re familiar with it. But that doesn’t make it good. Shame is never good for any reason. Shame is bad. Shaming words get thrown around without regard to the damage they wield in the human soul. How many times have you been told shame on you, or you should be ashamed of yourself? Did it motivate you to act in a responsible way or just make you feel awful? And then there’s the practice of public shaming. Shame is something that haunts people for years....

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One Thing You Can Do to Make It a Good Year

No matter what your circumstances are, you can make this a good year. We welcome every new year with a celebration. It’s easy at the beginning of the year to call it happy and expect good things. Will it last? If we don’t do something we’ll find ourselves with a good riddance attitude at the end of the year. Would you like this year to be good? There’s one thing you can do. If we don’t do something we’ll find ourselves with a good riddance attitude at the end of the year. What is a Good Year? Problem free? Happiness, rainbows,...

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8 Ways to be Generous Without Using Money

Tis the Season Tis the season for giving thanks, expressing gratitude, and being generous. The requests start pouring in for charitable donations as many hearts open wide. But what can you do when the desire to give exceeds your monetary resources? Generosity doesn’t have to be limited to dollars or euros or any other financial tender. Giving money to help others is always good but there are ways to pour from your generous heart without using money. Consider these non-monetary ways to be generous. Be generous with your time Babysit for someone Read a book at a local library to a group...

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How to Find Your Quiet

We live loud, busy lives. Going all the time on the outside with noisy minds on the inside. How can we find any quiet spaces in our lives? How can we calm our inner world? It’s not easy but I found a way. And if I did, you can find your quiet too. Every day I have a designated “quiet time”. It’s time by myself where I go to connect to the Love that heals. I read, pray, listen to music and speak daily affirmations. I enjoy it. But some days my quiet time isn’t so quiet. Some days,...

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