Author: Dave Wernli

How to Say “Yes” to God’s Promises when Life’s Pain Says “No”

What If You Can’t See What You Believed For? Has the pain, abuse, and unfairness of your life erased God’s promises to you? You believed, but where are they? Instead of your Promised Land, all you see for miles around is desert. This post is for you. Caleb, through no fault of his own, finds himself in exactly the same situation. Check this out. Chaos on the Verge of Victory The Israelites had been miraculously delivered from Egypt. They’d seen God’s wonders and his glory over and over again in the desert. They tasted the sweetness of his faithfulness, and also the sting of his discipline at...

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How to Escape the Abnormal Normal with 5 Positive Steps

We Grow Up Thinking It’s Normal It happens to all of us. We all grow up in a household, our family of origin. Every family has different strengths and weaknesses. Even if our brains know better, how we grew up is all our hearts know. Good or bad, how we grew up is what our hearts think is normal. There are no perfect parents, though some are more wounded and deceived than others. That’s not the child’s fault. It‘s not your fault (or your credit) how you were raised. “Good” parents and “bad” parents are a myth. All parents did...

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How to Live from Your Future, Not Your Past, with Two Simple Lists

Most of us Live from the Pain of our Past We try to medicate it with addictions. We try to bury it by being busy doing good things. We try to drown it with a constant buzz of media, entertainment, and self-gratification. But none of it works because God, in his great love and mercy for us, doesn’t let it work. He has a better way for us to live. God’s calling us to live from our future. How do you think God sees you? What face does he make when he thinks of you? Many of us think of God frowning and...

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How to Have Victory over Shame

The Most Secretive Prison in the World It isn’t in some subbasement of some 1960s era non-descript government building in some closed dictatorial regime. But it is the most populated prison in the world. “Wait a minute, that doesn’t even make sense!” you say. “How do you keep the largest prison in the world secretive?” Put it in the human heart. Outwardly we justify our sin while we inwardly hate ourselves for practicing it. So often we live in the secret prison of shame. The good news is we can have total victory over shame. Every human being is affected by...

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What to Do When the Pain Won’t Go Away

The Pain We Hide from Ourselves None of us want to admit it, but we all have it. Or have had it at some point. Emotional pain that just won’t go away. Sometimes we think we’ve stuffed it, but then — bam — something seemingly innocent happens and it all comes crashing back. Daniel was so past his divorce. He’d made his peace with it. Until he went to his nephew’s wedding. Emotions he thought were long gone were really only hiding. They rose up and slammed him out of nowhere. He drank way too much at the reception. And every...

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