Author: David Mike

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I received an email from a man whose son is currently serving eleven and a half years in prison for a non-violent drug offense. He told me that his son read an article about me in the Omaha World Herald and wanted to reach out to me. After connecting with Brett through a prison email system, I sent him a copy of my book Dishonor. Soon after, he was transferred to another facility. The copy I sent him did not make it to the new location right away, so I sent him another one. We have been communication since and he wanted...

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Flipping my Lid

Describing me as a high strung individual, is a fairly accurate description. I tend to move about pretty quickly. Most of the time, I run around in what you might call, a state of panic. Unless I sit down, then I instantly pass out. During the day, I often feel as if the entire world is crashing down around me. If I can complete just one of the many tasks I need to do, the entire universe settles in a sense of order and accomplishment. Alarm When my alarm clock goes of in the morning, I eject from the...

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Burning Desire

I’m not sure who thought wood-burning would make a good class in middle school but I sure jumped at the chance. It beat sitting through another one of those other classes, like math. Yuck! Besides, what preteen boy would pass up essentially turning wood into charcoal? What to Create? Before the teacher allowed us to proceed to the burning part of the class, we had to prepare a piece of wood. It was a serious ordeal. We were all given a brand new piece of crisp white pine. This plank smelled like one of those tree-shaped, car air fresheners that...

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How I Became Famous (It’s not what you think)

It was a revelation to me that relationships were the most important part of being a Cosmetologist and an Instructor. This was a struggle for me. As a military child, I moved around quite a bit. You could say I grew up without any roots. Before the age of the internet and social media, I left one place and just simply forgot about everyone that I left behind. After arriving at a new place, I made new friends, only to move again. Something needed to change. In order for me to address the things I was struggling with, I needed to...

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Becoming An Instructor Taught Me Four Things

After getting my license in Cosmetology, I immediately enrolled in the instructor program. Simultaneously, I started my first salon job in which I worked five days a week. This left two twelve-hour days for me to take my Instructor classes. As a result of working full time, I ended up taking an entire year to complete what was normally a six-month program. It was hard but deep down, I knew it was worth it. There was some one-on-one class time with my mentor Lyal McCaig. This involved great conversations about what it took to be an instructor. It was my...

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