Author: Dickie Floyd

The Critic

My editor recently became outraged at a writing critique I privately received from a person involved in a book club. This person was critical of my book, A Good Bunch of Men, because of a bathroom scene. She was incensed, couldn’t believe it. She asked, “Do you know why they don’t have bathroom scenes on TV?” Constructive Criticism I am open to constructive criticism, especially by those with credentials. To me, this person made some points worth considering, but then I also realized I’m not going to please everyone. There are different styles for different people. I thought about the multiple-award winning...

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Getting it Right: Technical Advice for Novelists

Police and detective stories have withstood the test of time, and they are not going away anytime soon. When writing crime novels, you should consult experts so that you write it correctly. Most crime writers have no personal experience with the crimes about which they write, nor with the investigations of such crimes. All too many — in my opinion — rely on what they’ve learned from other novels or movies and shows they’ve watched. The fact is, when you rely on what you have read or watched for entertainment as your main source of expertise, you are inevitably going to...

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