Author: Doris Swift

The Truth About Our Fear of Failing

We’re Doing Better Than We Think If the fear of failure consumes your thoughts, convincing you you’re pulling off the facade of the century and your empire will surely crumble at your feet at any given moment — right in front of everyone — don’t feel alone. What We Really Fear What seemingly has more power over us than the actual fear of failure itself is the fear we will appear as a failure. It’s called the “I got this” game. We fear we will appear incapable, inadequate, and inept. We believe we have to make thembelieve we’ve got it all together, and “them” could be referring to any number of...

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How to Live Life in Living Color

A Positive Perspective Can Change the Way We Live Remember when life was easier? I’ve asked that question before and maybe you have, too. But was it really ever easier? Last week my grandson said something profound — more profound than he realized. Sometimes the seemingly ordinary can be extraordinary and this conversation was one of those times. There is something special about those car rides to and from school that warms a grandma’s heart. I’m thinking it’s the captive audience part. I picked up my grandson from school last Tuesday and as always, I tried thinking of a new...

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How to Stop Living in Fear

We can fight fear and we don’t have to go it alone Have you ever lived in fear? Even for a short while? It isn’t pretty. We dwell, we panic, we become anxious, we feel overwhelmed. Fear can consume us if we let it, but I have good news. We don’t have to. In a previous post, “How Do We Fight the Fear?” , I touched on specific types of fear. But really, when it comes down to it, fear is fear. Fear takes an emotional toll and makes us feel out of control and vulnerable. I’ve experienced all kinds of fear...

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How to Find More Time for What Really Matters

Rethinking how we think about our time Ever wonder when you’re going to find time for, well anything? What if an abundance of provision fell from the sky each day like manna? Would we grab it and save it? What if we were guaranteed the same amount every day — an amount we could bank on? We don’t have to say what if, because it’s already happening. Every day. Like clockwork. It’s called time. Time is one of our greatest provisions and I don’t know about you, but I know I take it for granted. We get twenty-four hours each day and...

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How to Get Rid of Shame

What if everyone finds out what we’ve done? Maybe it’s time they did. Shame. We’ve all felt it at one time or another, haven’t we? We’ve all done things we certainly wouldn’t expect to see announced in the church bulletin. Could you imagine? “Prayer walk on 42nd street, same block Samantha worked a few years ago.” Or this one… “AA meeting in room 105 of the Sunday School building and by the way, Kathy fell off the wagon again.” Now imagine this: What if everyone found out everything? Lately, there’s been a lot of TMI going on. We are...

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