Author: Eric Burdon

3 Reasons To Not Settle For Freelance Work For A Living

Being an entrepreneur is a very demanding position to be in. I’ve talked about only some of the challenges that an entrepreneur needs to go through. The other big problem is finding a way to turn a profit. Now I’ve talked before about how easy it is to make a profit. It’s the same thing that’s likely be told to you: “Give so much value that people will pay for it.” Whether that’s in the form of a quality product or a quality service, how we are able to make sales hinges on our ability to give tremendous value to...

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4 Best Practices to Run a Business Smoothly

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding one, how a business is run is important. In fact, how it is run can determine whether your business will sink or prosper. I’ve talked briefly about how the entrepreneur lifestyle can seem glamorous. How some people are a little jealous that a good portion of us are our own boss. But the glamorous aspect of the entrepreneurial world is behind a very thin veil. Pulling it back reveals the sheer difficulty and trials that await ahead. For sure, an entrepreneurial lifestyle can be liberating. Many people have talked on...

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How to Have Conversations with Meaning

Regardless of if you are confident in your own skin or not, this is a guide to build your confidence but also to have conversations with purpose and growth behind them. Have you ever had conversations that have gone nowhere at all? I’m sure you have online all the time there are many iterations of the pointless conversation: People using the infamous one word response: “yeah” constantly. People begging you to buy or donate to a cause. Or perhaps a conversation that is spiralling around in circles. Perhaps you are one of those people who does that. That’s okay, as long...

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Here are 5 Morning Rituals That Make You Feel Great

Practice these every day for awesome feels and great productivity. Let me ask you a question: Do you have a morning ritual? Of course, you have. But does that morning ritual make you feel great? Every day you routinely wake up and you go through it on auto-pilot. You don’t think about it, you do it. Although there is nothing wrong, I believe that how our mornings are spent is actually pretty important. Regardless of if you are one who sleeps in and skips most of the ritual sequence or someone who gets through it all, our morning ritual is...

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The One Thing to Avoid Doing on Social Media

There are many types of approaches to grow your business, and that’s alright. But it’s this particular approach that bothers me a lot and I’m not alone in that. Many marketers and influencers a like have said this tactic doesn’t work. Here’s how to break that habit, but also here’s an alternative strategy. You are now the owner of a proud business and there are many great things in store for you from this experience. Taking that leap into the unknown is something bold and not easy. Not to mention there are many pitfalls out there that simply waste...

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