Author: Frank McKinley

How I Tricked Myself Into Productivity-When All I’d Rather Do Is Sleep

3 Hacks That Will Turn Your Spare Time into Go Time Have you ever had one of those weeks when it seems like you spent every waking hour at work? I was close to that this week. 42 hours in 4 days so far. I also drive 112 miles a day round trip to and from the place. That’s almost 5 hours in the car. But I did manage to do a little here and there, including this blog post, overseeing a couple Facebook groups, and working behind the scenes on a couple other projects. I’m tired just thinking about...

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3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Read Ratio on Medium

Get people reading all the way to the end It’s no fun to write to nobody, is it? If you’re like me, you get excited when you see the little green circle light up on your Medium stats. That means somebody is looking at what you’re writing. The evidence comes by: People highlighting their favorite passages Responses for you to answer and begin conversations New followers who want more from you We’ve been told we need an audience. It starts with views. And it’s great to get lots of those. But even more important is, Are people reading your posts...

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Do This First and Your Ideas Will Spread Like Crazy

The key to content that gets tons of shares Zig Ziglar said this years ago, and it’s still applicable today: You can get everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want. First and above all else, be helpful. That sounds simple enough, right? But let’s be honest. What does that really mean? How can you know — and not just guess — that your posts are helpful? It’s easy to tell after the fact that a post is helpful. Just look at the analytics. Here on Medium you can see how many people...

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Why You Should Keep Writing When You Just Want to Quit

You could be 3 feet from gold I almost gave up writing back in 2011. My blog was full of musings I’d published for five years. It felt good to do it. And I hoped someone would care. Outside a handful of friends, no one did. So I quit. It bothered me all night every night until I made a decision that would change my future as a writer. The Strangest Job Interview Ever A sales job opened at work. I like people so I threw my hat in the ring for a shot at it. I sat in a...

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The Most Powerful Motivator You’ll Ever Find

How Motivation Really Works Every New Year’s Eve my brother-in-law throws a party — outside. Sometimes it can get pretty cold. Knowing that, he builds a bonfire. If you’ve ever built a fire, you know it takes work. It takes more work to keep the fire going. If you leave the fire unattended long enough, it will die out, won’t it? You’ve got a fire inside you. There are two kinds of motivation — internal and external. External motivation is when someone else persuades you to do something. This is a challenge because they have to overcome your natural resistance to any outside...

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