Author: Glebert Dadol

6 Useful Tricks I Learned After the First 6 Months at my 1st Work

I’m extremely happy about my first job. Let me tell you why. I just had my first 6 months at my first job and I can’t believe how time goes by so fast. A supervisor at my workplace once told me this: “You know you’re old when you feel like time slips by so fast.” He’s 52 years old and I thought of providing a rebuttal to his statement that the passage of time will remain the same regardless of our age since the gravitational strength we experience will remain constant throughout our lifetime. But I hold back the thought...

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I’m in a Coma and Everything That’s Happening is All in My Head

I believed it just to make myself feel special FALLING FROM A WINDOW I fell from our upstairs window when I was about 5 years old. I remember playing with my cousin and my younger brother. We were passing a toy between the three of us and someone had tossed the toy too strongly. It fell over our open window. Just below the window, there was a narrow roof. The toy fell on the roof. I looked down and extended my arm towards the toy. I could not reach it. I extended my arm some more pushing my body out of...

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