Author: Jaco Alberts

How Reading the Bible Can Help You Stop Worrying about People’s Opinions

In a previous post — How to Believe with Confidence without Having Any Doubt — I spoke about eliminating confusion. Now that you feel confident in what you believe, it is easy to get upset (or even offended) by what other people say, think or do. In this post, I want to discuss how you can overcome this problem too. It is unavoidable that you will find preachers (even people in general), that you do not always agree with. But when you find these people, there is no need for you to get upset. Everybody is Not Going to...

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How to Believe With Confidence without Having Any Doubt

Just believe. We all want security. We want to be confident, definitely not in doubt. Who doesn’t want to live to the full, with purpose and confidence? But how do you know that you are right? How do you really know what the truth is, eliminating any doubt? There are so many denominations and non-denominational churches out there…so many preachers. And don’t forget about all the individual ‘experts’. It is as if there is no shortage of people who can’t wait to tell you about everything you are doing wrong and what you should or shouldn’t be doing. And...

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How to Remain Positive in a Negative World

If you follow the news closely, you know by now that things are not well in the world. We get bombarded with bad news wherever we go. Whether you read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch television, it’s all about the next divorce, violence, crime, war, droughts, floods, etc. That leaves many people asking the question “what is everything coming to?” People are living in fear, thinking that everything is out of control. This post is about remaining positive in a negative world. World News Thrives On Sensation Some time ago I watched a documentary program on...

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5 Easy Ways to Beat Negative Stress

Positive Stress versus Negative Stress We can experience positive stress or negative stress. Yes, we can experience stress in two forms indeed. Negative stress is obviously the one that we want to reduce and keep under control. In this article, we are going to focus on how we can beat the impact of negative stress on our lives. Positive stress can be good for you indeed. You experience positive stress when you get excited about something good. When you start a new career or a new business, you can experience positive stress. That is good for you as it motivates you to...

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How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stop everything you’re doing right now. Just stop, relax and think for a moment. Are you busy steamrolling ahead? Are you in a rush, racing against time to get things done? Do you feel anxious? Well….stop! It’s time to find out how to relieve stress and anxiety….once and for all. If you are steamrolling ahead….well, where exactly are you going? If you are racing against time to get everything done, what should be done first? Which is the most important? What would happen if you stop operating at this pace? What would happen if you stop for a while...

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