Author: Janis Cox

Why Do I Need to Stop and Smell the Roses? A look at what God is calling me to do for the next few weeks

I just have to write. It’s funny. As I do my taxes (ugh) I keep having the urge to write something. And my computer is right here. So — here I go. The Drive to Excel The past few days I realized that I have fallen into the “drive to excel”. That’s not good — really it isn’t. At least for me. I am an A1 personality so that drive to excel pushes me past what I need in my life. I need peace, joy as well as production. Bible Art by Janis Cox In my group, Connect, Create and Grow...

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How and Why We Need to be Part of Jesus’ Story

How God Can Speak Through Art Challenge: My art challenge (thank you Meg Konovska) is to draw with only 33 dots to start. Eyes closed I put 33 dots on the page. I open eyes and draw a contour — without crossing any lines. And then see what I can see. Outline of the dots. The pencil is so light that it’s hard to get a good photo. When I drew the dots and joined them together, I honestly saw NOTHING. Not an idea. I waited a day. Then — as I asked God again to show me something — a...

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What Are the Ways I Can Completely Belong To God

It’s Not An Easy Job — It takes work. Our church in Arizona has been working through the book of Ezekiel. Yes — that book. I haven’t spent much time studying that book. Even our Pastor admitted that in the last 30 years of preaching he has never preached from Ezekiel except the occasional passage.  But what a powerful book Ezekiel is. A few weeks ago we looked at Ezekiel 18:1–4 and 29–32. This chapter has been called the most evangelistic of all the Old Testament. The Book of Ezekiel takes place at the time when God’s people have been transported to...

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Do You Want to Expand Your Readership on Medium?

Yesterday was my last day of posting 30 days in the 30 Day Challenge by Tom Kuegler. How did I do it? How did I post for almost 30 days straight? 7 Strategies for Consistency in Posting on Medium Join a Free Email Course I joined a Free Email Course by Tom Kuegler. It’s amazing and in five emails I learned more than I had since I started on Medium. Sign up — you won’t regret it. Yes, it takes reading, effort, and consistency but Tom answers so many questions and shows how this can work. Take Tom’s email course. That’s step one. Get up Early...

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What’s the Best Reason for Praying?

A Simple Message about Prayer Why Do We Pray? This is probably the most asked question put into searches on prayer. People might say we pray for protection, good health, strength, and comfort; a good job, a better relationship, a new friend; housing, food, shelter. What we are really doing when we pray is building a relationship with God. Think about this — the people that you know the best, how did you get to be such good friends? You have similar interests and enjoy spending time together, right? It is exactly the same with God. When you spend time with Him...

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