Author: Johanna Galyen

5 reasons for Gratitude on Easter

What’s under your rocks? When the stone was rolled away on the tomb where Jesus was buried, suddenly new opportunities were born. One of the blessings of going to a small church is being a substitute teacher Sunday School teacher. The fifth & sixth-grade teachers were off to Myrtle Beach for a quick vacation and asked my husband and me to teach the class. I’m always excited to teach this class because the kids are so much fun to teach. They obey, listen to the teachers, and ask some really good questions. So when I was asked, I quickly...

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Time Change Gratitude

One hour of sleep gone, 5 lives changed for the better. No matter how young or old you are, time change Sunday, in the United States, can be miserable. Everyone dutifully goes around the house on Saturday night putting the time one hour ahead. The clocks may say 10 pm, but your body is just laughing. It knows that that clock is lying, and there is no way that you’re going to fall asleep any earlier. Year after year, we know the spring time change is coming. The dreading, the complaining, and the tiredness is always there. Somehow we...

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