Author: Judy Herman

How To Be Your Partner’s Hero

One necessary skill throughout seasons of your marriage It’s a challenge to be married, period. And I know it’s not easy for my husband to be married to a relationship therapist. Throughout seasons of my marital history and years of hearing inside stories of couples, I believe there’s one necessary skill to know how to be your partner’s hero. That skill can all be summed up in one word that begins with the letter “L”, LISTEN. For example, my husband and I are just as imperfect as any couple. Although, I must say, he is my hero. Yet, we all know,...

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How To Get Positive Results In Your Relationship

We all have different stories in our heads about how secure or satisfying our relationships are. It’s common for one person to be satisfied while the other isn’t. That’s why it’s important to know how to get positive results in your relationship. Some of us take pride in managing our money and then later found out a check bounced. Or we’ve balanced the checkbook and then discovered we spent more on the eating out category than budgeted. Using another example, have you believed you were eating well, then were surprised the scales registered 10 pounds more than expected? Have...

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Three Revealing Requirements to Save Your Relationship

Avoid divorce throughout the seasons of marriage After years of counseling couples and hearing multitudes of stories, I’ve come to believe three revealing requirements to save your relationship. These requirements not only save your relationship, they nurture it throughout the seasons of life. The story begins with my learning to dance. Relationship Patterns Are Like Dance Movements Having grown up in a faith tradition that doesn’t believe in playing cards, smoking, drinking, and engaging in pre-marital dancing, I began to explore a part of me I hadn’t previously developed. It wasn’t the smoking and drinking I was drawn to. Instead,...

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