Author: Lauren Salkin

How I Found Love In The Subway While ‘Homeward Bound’ After A Concert

A Simon & Garfunkel concert in Central Park leads to a packed subway platform and a familiar face in the crowd. One night while clicking through hundreds of channels of crap, I unclenched the remote to stare at faded footage from a 34-year-old concert in New York City, as the song, “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” lulled me back to a Saturday in September when Simon & Garfunkel performed a free concert on the great lawn in Central Park. A friend and I had jostled through a 500,000-deep crowd to find a patch of grass from where we...

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A Dogged Pursuit of the Truth

A poetic thought piece. I almost lost my mind today but found it along with the point. An old dog lays on a pillow twice his size. His head entombed in a cone facing sunlight, as the day dwindles to an end. I obsess on intangibles. My to-do’s caught in an entanglement of thoughts — how do I get from here to there when there’s seemingly out of reach on the other side of the world? Keeping track of thoughts is as troublesome as time, an elusive measurement of moments. Quantified by the many thoughts on the front shelf in...

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Martin Luther Had A Dream. Dodge Ram Exploited It.

In a Super Bowl ad, Dodge Ram used Dr. King’s words from a sermon to sell a truck — It backfired! The Dodge Ram ad pitted spiritual against material, demeaning the civil rights movement and people that embodied it. Dodge had an idea: to sell a truck using Martin Luther King’s words as a voiceover in an ad. His words extracted from an iconic sermon, juxtaposed against images of a Dodge Ram truck slogging through the elements. Ironically, it was the elements of the sermon Dodge failed to understand. Words lost to the purveyors of the ad who likely...

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In My ADD Life

Everyone has ADD moments, trouble focusing from a lack of sleep or too many martinis, but true ADD symptoms start in the early years and continue into adulthood. During elementary school, my thoughts spent more time on the beach building castles in the sand than in the classroom building listening skills. In my high school yearbook, a friend once wrote: “To Lauren, the space cadet,” a fitting intro for someone lost in her thoughts floating in a sunset over Bali. People of earth often scratched their heads wondering where my brain had gone in the middle of a conversation. Though back...

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I Lost My Brother to Trump

My brother and I were always close until recently. He supported Trump, and I did not. Like many families fractured by partisanship, my brother and I had aligned with opposing tribes. I’m not surprised it happened. Trump was a perfect fit for my brother — Someone who believed in conspiracy theories embraced the person who fomented them. Their connection was preordained. Over the years, I listened to my brother’s theories on how NASA staged the moon landing and 9/11 was an inside job. But, I never criticized him for what I considered outlandish thoughts. We stayed close despite our differences because of...

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