Author: Maria Morgan

Persistence Pays Off!

What gets your attention? In the last 24 hours, has anything made you stop what you were doing, shift gears and do something else? It happened to me today. The morning routine began as usual — feeding the pets, making coffee, and reading my Bible. That’s when I noticed him. Joe, our Chesapeake Bay retriever, was trotting around on the back deck. He did something I couldn’t ignore. He came to the door with one of his toys in his mouth and looked up at me with an invitation in his eyes, as if to say, “It’s a great...

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4 Steps to Break up with Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t pretty. It usually starts with the comparison game. I look with longing at another person’s personality, success, or abilities. Discouragement takes hold, and soon I’m battling bitterness. If I’m not careful, negative thoughts convince me to stop trying. It’s a downward spiral. Have you been there? Earlier this week I was comparing myself to another author. Her work seemed easy to market and success was following her around every corner. I had to stop for a reality check. From my perspective, it looked like everything had just fallen into place for her; truth was, she had worked...

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