Author: Michael Horner

Never Ask Yourself What If…

As I pushed my body up the steep ascent, every muscle screaming with the strain, I realized that this is why I run. This is the reason that I push my body to perform in ways that my mind doesn’t think is possible. Something happens in your mind when you make the decision to never allow yourself to ask, “What if…?” What If…? I first began thinking about what life would be like if refused to allow myself to ask the question “What if…?” when I was sitting in a ministry school class on missions. As the instructor began...

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Adversity is Like a Blizzard

Running in a blizzard is not the most pleasant way to spend your Saturday. When you’re ten weeks out from your first fifty-mile race of the year though there really isn’t an option. You have to get the miles, work on your nutrition and figure out how to make adjustments to your body as the first signs of fatigue and pain begin to set in. I know you started reading this and most likely you are saying, “No, actually you could stay inside and do a treadmill run.” And you’re probably correct unless of course you’re like me and you’re...

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Face Your Fears

It was one of those days you dream about as a trail runner. Big, blue skies and trails unwinding under your feet as you breathe the cool, fresh mountain air. My legs felt great and cardio was right on track as I was maintaining a steady clip up some of the trails. The perfect day running…or so it seemed. Suddenly without warning the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I got this strange tingling sensation as every fiber of my body seemed to ring out with a klaxon alarm “WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!” As I scanned...

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Jealousy or Contentment

I have a confession to make. I’m jealous. Nearly eaten up by jealousy. I wasn’t always jealous. In fact, I have spent the majority of my adult life quite content with what God has handed me. However, somewhere in the last 15 years or so jealousy has crept into my life. I’m jealous when other writers get more claps than me on Medium. I’m jealous when other people in my company get raises. I’m jealous when other runners cruise past me on mountain trails running like they’re mountain goats or something. And I loathe this feeling because it is...

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Turn the Page

Bad Results I was coming off three bad races in a row, two DNFs (Did Not Finish) and a DFL (Dead Fricking Last) and I was beginning to think that maybe I needed to retire from this trail racing/ultra running thing and run normal distances like the marathon or something. None of my bad finishes were physical, every single one was a mental mistake. My first race was a muddy, sloppy mess and I let the environment discourage me and ran much slower than the conditions warranted and missed the second time cut off by a mere 10 minutes....

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