Author: Michael Thompson

5 Benefits of Adopting an Experimental Mindset

Learn something. Try something. Improve something. Repeat. We have never been inundated with more information. Access to anything we have ever wanted to learn is a click away. We can learn from the greatest minds in the world by listening to Tim Ferriss. We can learn how to be a better communicator by subscribing to Conor Neill on Youtube. And we can learn how to build out a blog and monetize it by observing Tom Kuegler right here on Medium (BTW — he is about to launch a free virtual summit (tomorrow) were he interviewed some of today’s greatest minds including, Chris Brogan and some...

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Why Children Are Our Greatest Teachers

I have a very easy tell when I am nervous, excited or scared, I stutter. From the moment my wife told me that she was pregnant, right up until the birth of our first son, it was not very difficult to figure out how I was handling it, I was in full-out machine-gun mode. Things got so bad that when my wife’s water broke at 6 am, she grabbed a book, headed to the sofa, and let me sleep till 9:30 am, because, and I quote, “I was going to have a long day at the hospital.” If you...

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