Author: Mike Loomis

What’s Your Name Worth?

What’s Your Name Worth? I recently watched an interview with multi-million-selling music producer, David Foster. David tells the story of completing production on one of his first records and giving a copy to his mentor, Quincy Jones, (a multi-bazillion selling music producer). Handing Quincy the record, David said, “By the way, track one is not one of my favorite songs. On track three, don’t listen to vocals in the bridge because they’re out of tune. Track six is not good but they made me use the song” Quincy grabbed the record from him and pointed, “What does it say...

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Giving Thanks… to People

Once again, I’m challenging myself for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m taking some time to intentionally trace back how the good things in my life came about — the prized introductions, the unique opportunities, and the abundance of slack I’ve been granted… all by generous individuals around me. These people had a choice I write books, business plans, and brand strategies because someone gave me an (undeserved) opportunity to try. I work with amazing people… because some other amazing person introduced me. They didn’t have to. I live in my dream location with my dream girl. I don’t deserve it. (Just...

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