Author: Nancy Booth

Permission To Do One Thing At a Time!

What would your day to day living look like if you gave yourself permission to do one thing at a time? Ahhh! Take a deep breathe and imagine going through your day, simply focused on one thing at a time. How does that image strike you? Impossible you say? How could I possibly get anything done if I was only focused on one thing? In actuality, multitasking is a myth. Studies from the NTSB show that texting while driving is the equivalent of driving with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. Our brains simply cannot do that....

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3 Ways to Nourish Your Life Now

What do you long for in your current life? How nourished are you? What would it look like, feel like, sound like if you were living a nourished life? The dictionary defines nourished in three ways: · supplied with what is necessary for life, health, and growth. · cherish, foster, keep alive · strengthen, build up, or promote I think all three of these definitions play a part in looking at how you nourish your life now. Supply Yourself with What is Necessary for Life, Health and Growth Take time to reflect and assess. What is feeding your life right...

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How Do You Handle Life Interruptions?

You have your plans for the week. You know what you hope to accomplish. You even have in mind that little project at home. Then something or someone interrupts those plans. How do you handle those little life interruptions? My husband and I recently had the opportunity to test our mindset and capabilities to handle an interruption in how our home is arranged. Our three-year-old grandson who stays overnight with us one night a week had been sneezing the last few visits. This past Monday morning, in particular, he was sneezing, sniffling, and had a runny nose. I checked...

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How to Live Life With Joyful Intention

How many of you know the life path you want to travel? How joyful is that path today? I believe with your vision in place, you can live life with joyful intention, regardless of your circumstances. Is the joyful life the one you are currently living? If not, what changes can you make? Believe First, you have to believe you have choices in front of you. Do you believe that your life can be joyful? Or purposeful? You are created to make a difference in this world. Living with expectancy moves you to action, which can produce joy and...

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Can I Reduce Stress and Live In the Now?

The alarm goes off and I roll out of bed. Already I am thinking about the day ahead. Did I get the copies I needed for the workshop made? Will everyone be there? Oh, did the name tags get made? I don’t want to forget to grab those books out of the bookroom. Did I remember to tell Jim….. Next week I need to…. My mind is into the day and week ahead as soon as I hit the floor. How do you start your day? With a myriad of questions, thoughts, and ideas flying through your mind’s eye about...

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