Author: Nancy Grace

Are You Tired of the Daily Grind?

We are busier beyond what we can handle. The blur of activity of the daily grind becomes a badge of identification stating “I have so much to do and it all matters.” We become addicted to busy-ness. Our time is filled with caring for our families and making a living. These are very good things, but too often we leave out the most important relationship: our connection with the Lord. Our drive-through lives leave Jesus by the side of the road as we go on to the next activity. The Lord doesn’t demand us to do more, more, more....

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3 Tips to Persist Through the Freeze and Bloom of Life

Our spring weather this year has taken us on a roller coaster swinging from warm 70 degree days to several nights of hard frost. But isn’t that the way life often goes? Things go smoothly, then there’s a sudden change followed by another twist and turn, dogged by another directional shift. I noticed a small bud on the rosebush on the pathway to my house. With the anticipation of the cold front, I thought the bud would likely shrivel, not having the chance to bloom before the freeze. The overnight freeze came. After two nights of it, I laid...

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4 Lessons from Overcoming Risk

“Do you have rocks in your head?” Although it’s a startling question, I knew what the person had in mind. My friend referred to my experience of zip-lining. Rick and I ventured out to try something new, which included eight zip lines through the treetops, two rope suspension bridges high above streams and rappelled from two tree platforms. Yep, some would say there were rocks in our heads. It was risky to push fear aside to do something totally unusual and unexpected. We stepped out of the comfort zone of terra firma and stepped off a tree platform forty...

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When Grace Shook the World

“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest.” (Luke 19:38–39) These were not proclamations by angels, but shouts of praise from ordinary people as Jesus rode through the crowd. The sounds had barely faded as Jesus approached Jerusalem with solemnity. He wept. (Luke 19:41) Jesus knew the task before Him — the path for our redemption. In the days that followed, His authority was questioned. He taught with urgency. He broke bread at the last Passover meal and spoke of new redemption. The disciples didn’t comprehend what...

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What is your home base?

Remember playing tag and having a refuge of home base? It was only place where you were safe. You couldn’t be tagged “it.” Home base was a refuge of security for the fast ones who got there first. Maybe home base was a large tree or someone’s front porch. Sometimes the slow ones hung out there for safety. Regardless, it was a place to breathe a sigh of relief. Refuge. A safe place where you can breathe a sigh of relief from the storm. A shelter or protection from danger or distress. We need protection from the storms we...

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