Author: Nancy Grace

Are You Overwhelmed by Too Many Choices?

Have you ever wondered how many choices we make in a day? It has been suggested that thousands of decisions are made, ranging from simple to complex. We decide what to wear and eat, where to drive and what lane to be in, how to communicate (by text, email, phone call, face to face), what to read or watch on media. Things that were simple have become complex. For instance, coffee used to have two choices–regular or decaf; now there are increasing menu options specialty coffee shops that make ordering a simple cup of coffee an involved thinking process,...

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Why Instructions are Important

Have you ever attempted to do something without the instructions? Sometimes I have success but other times I fumble and get frustrated until I read and reread the instructions. The other day I decided to bake a favorite recipe for baked oatmeal, one that I’ve created many times. I glanced at the directions to make sure I had all the ingredients and reviewed the baking procedure. The oven temperature was set, the ingredients mixed and poured into the baking dish. Simple enough. With one final glance at the recipe, I realized I skipped an important instruction. I neglected to...

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Make the Most of Time

 My pillow and warm blanket kept me, hostage, longer than I should have let them. Thank goodness for the snooze button that allowed extra time for cozy sleep…until I had to scramble to get up so I wouldn’t be late to start my day. Time. I want it to linger on the pleasant moments and rush past the mundane ones. I wonder where the time went or why it won’t pass faster, depending on the circumstances. This quote challenges me to consider the value of each second. “Time is a resource that is non-renewable and non-transferable. You cannot store...

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Our First Christmas

We needed a tree Our first Christmas wasn’t outstanding since we didn’t have much money. We’d been married only six months, my husband had a part-time youth ministry and a full-time job, while I finished my senior year in college. I focused on studying for finals and writing papers, not on decorating. The question popped into my head: could I bypass Christmas decorations this year? We’d be traveling to our parents for the holidays and wouldn’t be home. Practical logic said not to fuss about a tree. However, after the studying was over, two days before Christmas, emotional need...

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Forgive and Forget? Are You Crazy?

“I thought you’d call sooner.” The cold words from a friend stung my heart. My life had been too busy, but I did call her. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I don’t want to hurt our family.” Words I’d heard again and again from my alcoholic dad after another drunken binge. The pain seared any hope of change. People we had in our home one night for fellowship betray us the next day with unfair words, never to return without an explanation or response. What happened? We ask but they don’t tell. They silently leave our lives without a word,...

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