Author: Nicole Akers

3 Reasons Writers Should Connect with Publications

Come write with Publishous! You are a writer and you want your work to be noticed. It’s hard to do when you’re just starting out. You work hard to craft the best piece possible and hear crickets in return. It’s disheartening and many writers quit just before they are about to succeed. Publish with pubs to gain extra eyes. I like to think of it as guest posting. It’s an introduction you don’t otherwise have, so make it a fun experience and bring your best work. Publications have extra eyes Keep the aspirations to publish with the big guys. Before you know...

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Searching for Something Means you Might Find It, and the Journey May Leave You Breathless

“So there I was…” It’s our Akers family story prompt. If you’ve been following along you already know we’re set up for a story. We love books. Snuggling together reading is some of the best time we share together. There are plenty of reasons to read. Enhances smarts Those who read are smarter. They have higher intelligence and more general knowledge. In young age it makes you smarter. In old age it keeps you sharp. Reduces stress When I’m reading a book I escape into a new reality. The stress of daily life falls away. My kiddos like to read...

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When the Roundabout Way is the Toughest, Hardest, Most Difficult Way You’ll Ever Treasure

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it Ever think something should be so ridiculously easy and it surprises you by taking much longer than expected? It’s the project that should only take a few minutes, the meal that is cold in the center, the train that comes at the wrong time when your time management skills have you arriving not a second too late. It’s checking in on social media and being online two hours later when you have a real life to live. The roundabout way leads to someplace we never expected. It’s a lot like the...

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Life Change

Newfound Freedom Selling Everything In sight with delight.   Current Stage of Life Calls for less, not more.   Freedom! Fun awaits! Where will we go next?   Just go! Everywhere! The world’s a playground.   Get out! Gotta go! Where’s our next cuisine?   Visit Nicole at...

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Cleaning Out Winter Decay with Painful Pruning for Abundant Spring Growth

Bears much fruit Spring fever is in the air. You are ready for warmth, flowers, lush green new growth. Every gardener knows in early spring it’s essential to remove the decay with a substantial pruning essential to new growth. We’ve been wandering through the wilderness and dealing with some heavy stuff. You say you need a breather so we’re taking a side trip. No worries, we’re not getting too far off course because the focus is important, but spring fever is in the air. We’ve got to get ready for growth, abundant growth. John 15:1–2 “I am the true vine,...

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