Author: Rhonda Krol

A Meditation on the Life of One Brother Lawrence

‘The time of business,’ said he, ‘does not with me differ from the time of prayer; and in the noise and clutter…. , while several persons are at the same time calling for different things, I possess GOD in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees.’ As with Lawrence, The sight of one barren tree can change a life. He remembered the future. The tree returns to life with spring. As for me, A bush branch is pruned back but for a season. I will remember the future. Returning at spring,  bushes are stronger, more beautiful and bountiful....

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Our Tulips Did Not Bloom in Time, a poem

Our tulips did not bloom in time, this March both cold and wet, rather sun and warmth left us destitute of their hues. And yet… We that have basic means bought bouquets, better than those of home, minus sentiment. Ages ago those foreign bulbs cost small fortunes. Not so long ago, post-war Dutchmen would survive eating those same bulbs. Rejoicing since, they share their colors exploding in rainbow rows, the seasonal guests.  The flower is the same. Time and circumstance redefined it more than once. Our view changes and our values, Now no need to grow our own, to care,...

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The Joys of Faith-walking

Compare your making your way to work with walking.  How much do you see along the way there driving? Taking public transport? Not much. The drivers doing idiotic maneuvers in range of your bumper surely holds your attention enough…or the ‘barely there’ atmosphere of the ‘surrounders’ in that bus… What happens with walking? Not that many obstacles… unless your neighborhood sidewalks have ruthless canine attackers or slippery surfaces. What really happens with walking is the view on the way.  My best meditative times in thought and prayer are on the footpaths of life, on the way… Which of these have...

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Easter: With Writing…The Same, Differently

The Easter story….again Lent, the cross, the resurrection, and …. Then, back to real life. Eating, drinking, and back to work. The heady questions of life are back again, how to live them out every day?   And how does my ‘writing’ make it different this time? Characters in a book I’ve undertaken of late. My characters are Biblical, that’s His Writing, they lived around the Lord of the resurrection.   My ‘Rachel’, a name for the prostitute, who washing the Lord’s feet, gave her most valuable possession out of love for Him, a priceless alabaster box of perfume. She...

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