Author: Sara Dagen

“God, I can’t do today” is a statement of faith

I’ve been saying it more and more often. “God, I can’t do today.” “Today” in that sentence might mean the whole day, or it might mean a specific part of it; it might mean some gargantuan task or stack of tasks; or an impossible deadline or person. “God” in that sentence isn’t a name taken in vain. It’s a name used in what we English grammar enthusiasts call “direct address,” hence the comma. Just as I might say, “Reader, keep reading and share this with someone else,” I am directly (and humbly) addressing God, because I believe He hears me...

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Home is where my sister is – and she’s just moved

Some people talk behind other people’s backs. I merely write behind their backs… I would prefer to write only about me, but my life is inextricably linked to other people who simply must protrude in my writings. If I could write anonymously, I would. I would even change the names of those involved to protect the innocent — or the preferably private. Such as my sister. Lest any of you reading this who know me think my title is suicidal, it isn’t. Yes, my oldest sister is dead. She is, I believe, in my future home, heaven. But I have no immediate plans to join her....

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Secret to my weight-loss success

I ate a cookie Yesterday, I ate a cookie. In fact, I ate the last homemade chocolate chip cookie in the gallon-sized plastic bag in the break room at work. I almost didn’t get that one, except that as a colleague loaded cookies into a napkin, I appeared at the table and exclaimed, “Oh, good! I get the last cookie!” It distracted her long enough for me to make the grab before she did. Success. That is not my secret to weight loss, although if you made it a practice to only eat the last of the treats, it...

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Feeding My Inner Road Rage

I wrote this while stopped in traffic, so it’s probably longer than it needs to be — just like my wait at 34th street. Today it took me four cycles of the traffic light to make it across, which gave me plenty of time to feed my road rage. This intersection at University and 34th Street is made for cheaters. Head east on University, and you find the two lane road shrinks to one lane with a left turn lane and a right turn lane. The “right turn only” lane is the reason for my road rage. It tempts...

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Don’t Throw the Car Away Just Because the Key Fob Doesn’t Work

“My key fob isn’t working, so I need a new car.” That’s my logic and what I told my colleague as I dispensed boiling water into my coffee mug. When I stopped filling the cup halfway, she gave me a puzzled look. “Oh, I’m not making tea,” I said in response to her silent expression. “I just like to heat up my mug before I fill it with coffee. It keeps the coffee hotter longer.” I set the mug on the counter to let the hot water do its work, reached into my cooler to get my Tupperware mini...

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