Author: William Horne

When Trying to Change the World Doesn’t Pay the Bills

I suck at vulnerability I’m just going to put myself out there. If you have read anything I have given to the world, it probably had little to do with me and a lot to do with a certain topic. Fact is I suck at vulnerability — even with myself (weird right?). It’s not that I care that much about what people think about me — in fact, I care very little. Most of my teenage years any saying that had to do with haters I was all over (DGK’s “I Heart Haters” was my particular favorite). It’s not...

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Living in the New Reality: An Exegetical work on Colossians 3:1–11

This work is not of the normal nature of my writing as this is highly academic but if understood still very applicable to the Christian life. Rather than let something I spent a lot of energy and time on sit on in the cloud for years on end — I decided to put this out for the one reader who might benefit from it. So if your the one, thank you — I hope you better understand the Scriptures after reading. Grace and Peace.  With affirming the Pauline authorship of Colossians, we find this letter very interesting as the...

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Are the Gospel Accounts Reliable?

Introduction The Christian faith and doctrine has been under heavy scrutiny over the last few centuries. One of the most significant portions of the faith that has been under this scrutiny is the historical reliability of the New Testament text; particularly the Gospel Accounts and the book of Acts, which come across as recorded history. There have been multiple objections and criticisms, both internal and external concerning the historical reliability of these accounts from dating, alterations, authorship, textual variants, the supernatural, and the question of who is the historical Jesus. This article seeks to present a credible defense for...

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