Yesterday I was beyond frustrated…. With a seller I had been “working” with.

After several attempts to get what I had ordered, a few simple designs for my shirts, I was thinking I may well need a lobotomy.

I will say, however, that customer support is great and very helpful. I was able to resolve the issues and get a refund. So kudos to the Fiverr staff! Now I can use this as a hard lesson, and be very careful in the future.

I have been in various jobs where customer service was of utmost importance. And it still is today.

Depending on the situation, I will at the very least, be polite/pleasant when dealing with people in public.

There is simply no reason to be rude for the sheer hell of it. Having been mistreated by people when in retail, or other service-related jobs, I certainly appreciated the nice customers even more so.

Many times, working in any kind of service job is not because it’s a dream job, it’s a necessity. It’s certainly not easy dealing with the public., Especially nowadays!

Don’t even get me started!!!

Dealing with online services is a whole different ball game though.

You better know what you’re doing and have patience to boot! Which I’m sad to say I’m sorely lacking. In both arenas, I definitely need to work on some skills.

Patience? That is my downfall. But I’m working on it, but I wish it would hurry up already…see? I need like a memory card or program installed into my hard drive… I’m not quite sure where one would install it though, Maybe like a micro chip or something?

I digress.

But no matter how frustrated I was, I did my best to be diplomatic and respectful when actually working with the sellers and customer service/ support.

In the end, I was happy with the resolution, even if the seller was not.

I have learned the hard way, that many will say they know how to do something, when they do not.

Sometimes, there are language barriers, as many of the sellers do not speak English as a first language. I have no problem as long as we can communicate enough to get the job done.

Though it is much easier when there is clear communication!!

I had a couple awesome designers that did great work.

When I was approved for Merch by Amazon, I was excited and optimistic. Even though I had not a clue what I was doing…

Now I realize just how important it will be to learn a few design skills, so that I can rely on myself and be happy with the results!

Plus I’ll save time AND $$

Both of which are extremely valuable.

My sanity on the other hand, is very precious and comes at a very different price… I need to keep whatever vestiges I have scraped together intact.

Or heaven help me… and those closest to me.

Thanks for reading!

My phone battery is about to go into cardiac arrest!

Tata!! 😉

Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
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