Are you a Christian in the workplace who struggles with confidence and you have been praying for a solution? Then this article is for you.

Many times, you grapple with finding your voice as a member of the team. You have the skills and the expertise, yet like other people who struggle with being seen and heard at work, it seems the decision-makers almost always never listen to what you have to say.

As you know, being a Christian does not exclude you from experiencing challenges. So like every other person, you have to seek solutions. However, the best part about being a Christian though is that your Heavenly Father has given you a blueprint on what to do and the Holy Spirit to help you do what you need to do. Therefore I present to you 5 Lessons I have learned from Bible stories about confidence. These 5 tips will build your confidence as a Christian in the workplace and will spur you into taking actions that demonstrate confidence.

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1.Right Mindset: The right mindset determines whether you see giant grapes or giants. You must believe in the ability God has given you and in the expertise you have. You have what you need to excel. You have all you need to be confident. Out of the twelve sent to the promised land to survey it, only two saw possibilities Caleb and Joshua (Number13:30).

The other ten saw the blessings of the promised land, but they allowed the sights of the challenges (the giants) blind them from recognizing opportunities of the land. You need to shift your mindset from seeing stumbling blocks. If you are focused on what is not happening and who is not doing, or what can’t happen then you wouldn’t achieve your goal.

You need to begin to see the possibilities( giant grapes) around you like Joshua and Caleb did (Numbers14:6–7). Begin to see the opportunities to demonstrate your skills and the occasions to shine as the expert where you work.

To recognize opportunities, you must first believe that you can. Start with daily affirmations. Speak to the mountains of doubt and fear or whatever it is that hinders you. Affirm God’s promises for you and start to call forth those things which you want.

2. Take actions: The Bible is an action book. You have to do to obey God. Every Prophet and Apostle took actions to do what God called them to do. Same as you, you are a Christian and a Professional, do what you are meant to do.

Paul wrote that Faith without works is dead in James 2:20 and he went on to talk about how Abraham demonstrated his faith. It’s not enough to believe, pray and affirm, you must follow it up by taking actions.

When the children of Israel and Moses were between the sea and Pharaoh, Moses cried out to God, and In Exodus 14:15, God responded this way” Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!”. You need to take actions. Instead of wishing for that job only, apply for it. Learn how to communicate effectively to get the attention of your audience if you think no one listens to you. Dress for the position you want to demonstrate your readiness for the next level. Take actions!

3. You Ask: It’s that simple. This is what the daughters of Zelophehad did in Numbers 27: 1–11. Because of the courage of these women to ask for what they wanted, they not only got it, but they paved the way for other women after them. Are you waiting for someone in upper management to change company policies or do you expect your co-workers to read your mind to know what you have to offer? Instead, ask for what you want!

You must speak out and take initiatives. Ask for project leads or apply for the promotion when it opens up. Ask your boss what they are looking for in candidates for the position that you are seeking.

The beautiful part of this story was that when Moses inquired of the Lord, God said the daughters of Zelophehad were right! It is right to ask for what you believe you can do as a professional.

Don’t allow fear to stop you. Don’t be afraid to pioneer an idea at work. What the daughters of Zelophehad did had never been done before. Don’t remain quiet, Ask!

4. Network: You never know who is going to be helpful to you or who can recommend you as the go-to person. Make sure you are forming meaningful workplace relationships. Joseph the favorite person while he was in prison Genesis 39. You can’t be the favorite person if you are nasty, gloomy or a loner. In case you feel like you work in prison, it’s just for a season. You are on your way to greener pastures. However, you determine what your exit will be like by how you conduct yourself during your journey.

In Genesis 40, you will see that Joseph was concerned about his fellow prisoners. A good way to connect is to care for your co-workers. Joseph was able to use the gift God gave him to interpret the dream of these prisoners. Years later, the connection he made in prison became the person who connected him to Pharaoh.

God has surrounded you with all you need, that includes the people you need to help you to the next level. It is your responsibility to search them out and to connect with them. You won’t go far if you keep to yourself. You won’t go far if you get offended easily. The butler that recommended Joseph forgot about Joseph for a long time up until the right moment but Joseph wasn’t offended by this butler’s actions or the lack of actions. Don’t allow another person’s action or lack of action to stop you from connecting and building meaningful relationships.

5. Be exceptional: You are an expert, act like one. Don’t allow personality differences or misunderstandings affect your professionalism. You are a representative of God where you work. Ditch the attitude and let go of unforgiveness. People will be mean and annoying, that is not a reason to be like them! From the woman who set Joseph up, to Daniel who was kidnapped or Paul who was beaten. These men endured more hardship than anyone today, yet they remained professional. They walked in integrity and with a good attitude. In fact, Daniel distinguished himself despite being kidnapped and disliked (Daniel 6). Eventually, he became the head governor second only to the King because he was exceptional. He never wanted to get even. Instead, he distinguished himself.

Even if things aren’t the best where you work right now, learn from these Bible stories about confidence. Be professional, demonstrate your expertise and remain Christ-like, that’s confidence!

Reading through some of these bible stories of confidence, it is apparent you must act to stand out. You need to demonstrate that you are the expert.

Your breakthrough may be with someone that knows someone. Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine. Imagine if the mother of Jesus was not connected to the wedding party. Jesus’s mother was the one who asked Jesus to perform the miracle. Don’t miss out from your miracle because you fail to connect with those around you.

It is evident through these Bible stories of confidence that God has given you all you need to succeed. Now it is your turn, and the ball is in your court. Go and be who God says you are.

I am Speaker and a Coach. I help individuals take charge of their work life.
I am Speaker and a Coach. I help individuals take charge of their work life.

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