Another lesson from nature

Birds understand abundance.

It’s a snowy Sunday morning.

I shovel before the world around me wakes up. Just me and Dexter the Dog, my faithful, energetic, always ready for a good time companion.

The sidewalks and driveway are cleared and now time for the really important shoveling . . . the path to the bird feeders. The birds aren’t up yet but I can feel them watching me. Waiting.

After warming up to another cup of coffee, with dawn finally broken. It’s time.

They are anxiously waiting but I still call for them with my horrible whistle that sounds anything but a birdlike song. They don’t seem to mind. I fill the feeders and toss some seeds on the ground — they sink into the deep snow. Hidden but not wasted.

High Feeders and Low Feeders

I knew this about birds — some like to eat high, from the feeder and others like to eat low, off the ground.

What an amazing design in efficiency. Nothing will go to waste. The high feeders that drop the seed will be eaten by the low feeders.

As I marveled for the first time at this natural synergy, it occurred to me that both birds have a sense of abundance. The feeder birds do not compare themselves with the ground feeding birds nor do the ground feeding birds compare themselves with the feeder birds.

Both get what they need.

Both serve a purpose.

Both are beautiful creatures.

Both are worthy.

Both are loved.

This failed me as a bird feeder, so now it is waiting for spring to be cleaned and upcycled.

Lessons Learned from the Birds

  • We all have our own place in nature that is abundantly our own.
  • We need not compete, there is enough.
  • We are all beautiful, worthy and have a purpose that is our own.
  • We all learn to fly on our own.
  • We all have our own voice/song.

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